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■What's New

H29 .9.22 Main story video ♪ We delivered 3 "Mizuki thyme slips".
H29 .9.22 Main story video ♪ We delivered 3 insertion music "Hana peach - saudajibajon -" and "violets".
H29 .8.29 The first of spin-off video "petit canon" "do know? We delivered hodogaya morning market.
H29 .8.29 We delivered person correlation chart of character.
H29 .6.13    We delivered CM video (45 seconds version).
H29 .5.11 Main story video ♪ 2 delivered "place that you came back" through.
H29 .4.28 We delivered original theme song
"Hana peach" (MP3 form).
H29 .4.7  Main story video ♪ We delivered 1 "our town, Hodogaya".
H29 .3.22 We delivered main story video preview

■Soliloquy - of introduction - hosawa Mizuki
 I, hosawa Mizuki enjoyed single life elegant every day for property which parents who died in town of this favorite Hodogaya left. But Rina Kawashima of Music College student thronged to apartment where I lived in in the winter of 2016 suddenly and has begun freeloading. It was to be nuisance 10 million, but acquaintance from old days was that there was and decided, well, to overlook really.
 I loved "canon of Pachelbel" that Rina to be pianist played for some time all the time all the time, but she suffered serious injury to protect grandmother from car which we shoved by signal disregard in winter in 2015 and was not able to move the middle finger and the third finger of the left hand for the aftereffects.
 It was Rina who transferred at university, and aimed at way of composer, but we did parent and big fight to strongly recommend employment to public company and it was the same as disappearance from home and rolled into my room without giving up way of music of accident more.
 Cat seems to totally bask in the sun, and living together life of two of us was over leisurely every day, but melody of "canon" that Rina actually plays even when continues sounding in back my chest.
■Main character
<Rina Kawashima>
Music College student of pianist choice. We burnt with band activity, but were not able to play the piano in traffic accident. We love beer.
Favorite of Rina: Former Tokaido Hodogaya hotel
<hosawa Mizuki>
Great good friend of Rina. We show the behavior that is annoying to Rina who began freeloading suddenly in home, but we are actually anxious about Rina, and there is no help for it.
Subject of concern of Mizuki: It is town development relievedly Hodogaya
<the Heinrich seventh>
Mystery guitarist. Though we do not call, we break into live of Rina suddenly and begin to play and let air of band always freeze.
Favorite tree of Heinrich: Hana peach
<Nishikubo Mariner>
Drummer of band of Rina. True age is 20 years old, but we are often mistaken for primary schoolchild and, for extreme baby face, are guided. We admire Rina heartily. It is supergeek of game and animation.
Subject of concern of Mariner: The Hodogaya constituency system 90th anniversary
<cheese senior>
Bassist of band of Rina. Senior gentle at heart who it is leader of band, and watches members.
Subject of concern of cheese senior: Ecological life
Regular guitarist of band of Rina. We keep serious performance in mind, but it is often interfered by Heinrich and reaches the anger heart.
Subject of concern of Saito: About duties of ward office
<cherry tree>
Pet dog of Mizuki. We seem to think that Rina was robbed of thing, Mizuki to come and may be sometimes hard on Rina.
Subject of concern of cherry tree: Approach of regional alliances

■Person correlation chart 

  ↓Video entrance↓ The highlight Information locations
The main story ♪ 3 Mizuki Times lip (H29.9.22)
hosawa Mizuki is thyme slip looking for "something" important in past Hodogaya!
Will "anything" be found to Mizuki wandering in past town on "Hana peach - saudajibajon -" and new song "violet?"
We are delivering song of insertion "Hana peach - saudajibajon -" and "violet". 
Petit canon ♪ Do you know 1? hodogaya morning market (H29.8.29)
The extra first of hodogaya canon! 
Rina Kawashima and hosawa Mizuki jump out of the world of drama and fully introduce charm of Hodogaya!
You can see the details of ""hodogaya morning market" of machinaka farming family" introducing here.
CM video (45 seconds version) (H29.6.13)
It is CM of version for 45 seconds.   
The main story ♪ Place (H29.5.11) which 2 of you come back through
On melody of canon, we introduce charm of Hodogaya around former Tokaido Hodogaya hotel. ■Information■
・You can hear "canon -Hodogaya Kanon Edhition-" here.
■Introduction of location■
Mall / former Tokaido Hodogaya hotel of Hodogaya Ward
The main story ♪ 1 our town, Hodogaya (H29.4.7)
Band of Rina Kawashima plays and, backed by "our town, Hodogaya - on the rocks version," introduces highlight spot of Hodogaya. Guitar of Heinrich explodes, too?
You can listen to song "our town, Hodogaya" of ward original edition here.
■Introduction of location■
Camp ke lower valley ParkWater cafesThe Yokohama Channel MemorialPrefectural Hodogaya Park
Preview (H29 .3.22)
It is introduction of story.
Please see before the main story by all means!
・You can listen to original theme song "Hana peach" flowing in the latter half here.
- that we introduce musical piece and BGM using in music - video
↓Title of a musical composition & music entrance↓ Use scene in video Producer
Violet [MP3 form] The main story ♪ 3 Mizuki Times lip Words, composition, arrangement: TommyNAKAMURA
Hana peach - saudajibajon - [MP3 form] The main story ♪ 3 Mizuki Times lip Composition, arrangement: The Heinrich seventh
Canon Hodogaya Kanon Edition- [MP3 form] The main story ♪ Place that 2 of you come back through Composition: Johann Pachelbel
Arrangement: TommyNAKAMURA
Hana peach ("hodogaya canon" original theme song) [MP3 form] Preview (latter half part) Words: TommyNAKAMURA
Composition, arrangement: The Heinrich seventh
Our town, Hodogaya - on the rocks version - [MP3 form] The main story ♪ 1 our town, Hodogaya Words: Moe Kaihara Nami
Composition: Masaoki Okajima
Arrangement: The Heinrich seventh
 ※We will introduce the original piece of music sequentially in future.

 Plan: Hodogaya Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division / Production: "hodogaya canon" production Committee / Photography cooperation: Triangle


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