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Dish of eco-cooking courseWe held eco-cooking course on Friday, January 27, 2017!
Through cooking training, we learned about ecological cooking method with a few carbon footprints. The details to this.

Hama wingWe held "Hama wing and water reproduction center to go round by red shoes bus" on Tuesday, November 29, 2016!
Through Hama wing (Yokohama-shi wind-power plant) and visit of Kanagawa water reproduction center, we deepened understanding about next-generation energy. The details to this.

Solar car work courseWe held "solar car solar music box work course" on Tuesday, July 25, 2016!
Through work of toy using solar cell, we held event to be able to learn about eco-friendly energy.
The details to this.

With hodo Eco net

It is abbreviated designation of "hodogaya global warming measure promotion network".
In Yokohama-shi, we devised "Yokohama-shi de-warming course of action CO-DO30" in January, 2008. Even Hodogaya Ward started in "hodogaya global warming measure promotion network" in July, 2008 that various places and administration of various viewpoints including ward inhabitant, company, group shared information and wrestled for de-warming action together, and to promote this "CO-DO30".

Abbreviated designation of "hodogaya global warming measure promotion network"
It became "hodo Eco net"!

Because want to work on prevention of global warming measures with many people, is easy to have everybody learn; was able to abbreviate. With abbreviated designation of "hodo Eco net", character "violet princess" and "grandfather" who navigated eco-activity of Hodogaya Ward made its debut.
 As anyone will introduce eco-activity to be able to easily work on with grandfather with violet princess, we are looking forward to hearing from you. Violet princessThere is rat
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