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Suggestion from citizen

 Here, "suggestion for the Hodogaya administration of a ward" from all of you waits for "impression, opinion, suggestion for Hodogaya Ward homepage" and "local imminent information".
 Information connects with post in charge, and suggestion that had you approach should be reference of the administration of a ward.

Suggestion to Hodogaya Ward, suggestion about Yokohama municipal administration

  • Opinion, impression, opinion for homepage

From citizen to suggestion

  • We delete without opening about email with attached file and email thought to be thing without titles or doubt for virus measures.
  • Suggestion that had you approach may introduce the point on public information paper or homepage. But we are careful about privacy policies enough and do not do publication by contents which individual can identify.
  • When you need answer, please list e-mail address by all means.
    You have you understand the point, and please use.