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Application method of car temporariness service permission (the temporary number)

With car temporariness service permission

 It is necessary to receive registration, inspection of car to let car run on road.
 Car temporariness service permission admits least bound only when it is established in Road Vehicles Law when there is application to let car which is not registered or car that it is past expiration date of automatic car inspection visa travel.
 The following case is best as for what we can admit. In addition, the days when we can admit become the minimum days.

What we can admit

 When we let car which is not registered or car that it is past expiration date of automatic car inspection visa run for the following reasons, as for the object of permission, it is. (but small-sized special motor vehicle and two light motor vehicles are excluded.)

 When it travels for examinations of 1 new registration and continuation to Department of Transportation

 When thing which assumes 2 sale the work forwards for the purpose of sale

 When it travels in Department of Transportation to receive re-grant of number plate which 3 theft included

Period when we can admit

 We examine course and purpose of service, and it is the necessary minimum days within 5th from application day.
 (as for the service to Kanagawa, Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Shizuoka, less than three days become standard including application day.)

Destination The maximum loan days
(1)Kanagawa, Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Shizuoka Less than three days
(2)Other areas except area of (1) mentioned above or following (3) Less than four days
(3)Hokkaido, Kyushu district (except Fukuoka), Kochi Less than five days

※It is application day on the first day of service period. Except case such as service day being closed day of ward office, we cannot do permission application beforehand in principle.

Thing necessary for application

 But, in the case of corporation application, 1 private seal (as for the thumbmark, impossible) needs representative mark.

 The original (as for copy and the receipt, impossible) of identification of 2 automobile third party liability insurance
   ※Thing which is effective for temporariness during service permission period is necessary.

 3 Yokohama-shi income certificate stamp (please demand with vending machine of 750 yen ... ward office.)

 4 individual application driver's licenses (document proving fact of the residence)

 Documents (one any of the following.) to confirm car operating 5

Documents name Explanation
Automatic car inspection visa It is provided all for registered vehicle
Transfer certificate When we transfer vehicle, it is issued
Erasion registration certificate
Letters of advice such as registration identification information
Registration has been already provided all for crossed vehicle.
We introduce than registration identification information system (H20.11.4 ...)
In detail (to page of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
Car entry certificate Certificate about imported car
Entry certificate Documents which proved the matter as registered vehicle was listed all in car registration file
Identification of pretest When we are examined in inspection ground except registration place
Identification of examination for light motor vehicles return certificate When there was return of automatic car inspection visa, we issue by application
Car storage area proof
(garage proof)
It is system that was established not to use road as storage area of car, and garage proof is issued in the police
Rubbed copy of number of cars number Stone of number chopped by frame of vehicle drags
In addition, documents which can identify identity of car
(automatic car inspection visa return certificate, examination for export car standard conformity book)

※ When we apply for the temporary number by theft of number plate, acceptance number of theft report to the police is necessary.

About return of trade plate and permit

Please return 1 used trade plate and permit immediately. When we do not return within five days after the expiration on expiration date, penal regulations may be applied.

On return, take so that 2 all of you are usable comfortably after washing trade plate.

Wanting you to be careful

We cannot use 1 temporary number other than vehicle, period, course, the purpose that received permission.

Please offer bolts to attach 2 temporary numbers to by each person.

Mark (the number) of 3 motor bikes (motorcycles less than 125cc) issues in people in charge of ward office Tax Division municipal tax of the address ground.