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[finished] hodogaya flower Festa 2017 of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system

We spread ideas of "the hodogaya flower charter" widely and hold moisture and event with ease that overflowed in clean town hodogayaomezashi, flower and green with cleanliness from 1999.

Flower Festa of this year is unusual. As of the 90th anniversary of Hodogaya constituency system and urban greening yokohama fair cooperation business of the whole country, we were enriched by plan more.
Please arrive with your friends!
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Saturday, May 20, 2017 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
※We postpone in (Sun) at the time of executing the event on a light rainy day, stormy weather on 21st.
 ※We will tell about the held right or wrong by the next method on the day.
  (1) We are published in ward office homepage on the day from 7:00 a.m.
  (2) Please refer to Yokohama-shi call center on the day from 8:00 a.m.
    Phone number 045-664-2525
   In addition, even if you inquire in Regional Promotion Division which there is as follows on the day
  Please note that you cannot answer.

Meeting place
Hoshikawa Chuo Park 
(in getting off at Sotetsu Line Hoshikawa Station, along the track in Wadamachi Station direction a 5-minute walk)
 ※There is no parking lot in meeting place. On arrival, please use public transport.

Town promotion Network of Hodogaya Ward government office, hodogaya flower

Opening ceremony
Introduction, reading of "the hodogaya flower charter" by primary schoolchild elementary school student in ward
Beautification promotion person who has rendered distinguished services, group commendation ceremony of 2017 Hodogaya Ward flower and town

Business plan of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system
The constituency system 90th anniversary
・The making of flower picture of logo mark of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system
・Performance by Kanagawa Police musical band
・Container garden work display, contest to celebrate the constituency system 90th anniversary
・Sale corner of original goods of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system

National urban greening fair cooperation business
・A lot of flowers special flower bed
・"Monument of the hodogaya flower charter" setting

Main plan

From child to adult, events to be able to enjoy in families are varied!
※Lower photograph is state of last year.

(1) Free distribution (two kinds) of young plant
   We distribute tree "Hana peach" of ward!

(2) Group planting classroom (soil mixing method class simultaneous holding) of seasonal flower, gardening, green business trip counselor's office
   11:00 ..., 13:00 - twice holding (application before pay, important business)

(3) Flower arrangement classroom (cooperation: Rose Mary) (application before pay, important business)
   workshop1 workshop4

(4) Coffee cup, empty bottle flower arrangement classroom (cooperation:) Hodogaya flower arrangement society (pay, application on that day)
   workshop3 workshop5

(5) Garden and gardening for free counselor's office (cooperation: Kanagawa landscape gardening business association Hodogaya branch office)

(6) Hanano point (outdoor tea ceremony) (cooperation: Hodogaya tea ceremony fair) (free)

(7) Outdoor flower arrangement display

(8) Flower and green blue sky city
   aozoraichi1 aozoraich2

(9) The making of flower crown (cooperation: whole country urban greening yokohama fair executive committee) (free)
   hanakanmuri2 hanakanmuri1

(10) Turf boyazukuri (cooperation: green box) (free)
(11) Flower stage gardening course (free)
    Demonstration (Kawano nature garden) of 11:30 - group planting
    How to raise 12:45 - flower seedlings and point (environmental activity support center) others of care

(12) Reuse furniture display, lottery
    On 1305 - stages
(13) Product product sale (earthquake disaster reconstruction aid plan) of the Tohoku district

(14) Refreshment stand, PR corner

[lessons that it is given priority to prior application, and entrance fee needs]

Group planting classroom (application before entrance fee 1,000 yen, important business) of flower
Flower arrangement classroom (application before entrance fee 1,000 yen, important business) 
Coffee cup, empty bottle flower arrangement classroom (day of expense 500 yen, the participation acceptance)
 ※About participation in group planting classroom of flower, flower arrangement classroom application method, please see ten pages of public information yokohamahodogaya ward version April "karugamo bulletin boards".

Quiz rally
We present premiums such as seeds of flower by the first arrival to person who replied all quiz that we installed in four places in meeting place. (premium becomes the end as soon as we disappear)

Flower concert (stage event)
 Please note that change of appearance order, time and appearance cancellation are possible by in the case of shoame or progress of the day.
 10:20 - boundary tree
Junior High School brass band club

 Song chorus of 10:50 - hodogaya ward

 11:10 - Yokohama sound stream

 Stage of the 90th anniversary of - Kanagawa Police musical band << constituency system at 12:10≫

 13:20 - Bulgaria folk music BALKAN

 13:40 - Yokohama National University folk song society chorus

 Song leading of meeting hodogaya ward of 14:05 ... (NPO) cheerful local person

 14:35 - Hula Halau `O Ka Lei Onaona (hula)
 stage1 stage3

Supporting company, group
 ※Random order

 (no company) Association of Yokohama construction industry Hodogaya ward assembly, Yabe life partner, construction of the Showa era,
 JA Yokohama Hodogaya Branch, (study) Hatsune hill school Hatsune hill kindergarten, meeting of (NPO) cheerful local person,
 (study) Hatsune hill school sky apartment house kindergarten, TONOX, eastern capital consumers' cooperative,
 Hodogaya Ward mall alliance society, Ando sports, Kinpara, toraberuwan,
 Nets Toyota Yokohama Hodogaya store, Shonan transportation facility company, Itabashi, Sagami Railway Co.,Ltd.,
 Yokohama Hodogaya Rotary Club, Yanase technical center, Inageya Co.,Ltd. Hoshikawa, Yokohama station square store,
 Consumers' cooperative pal system Kanagawa dream co-op, (medicine) sentence light society Koizumi clinic,
 Life Co.,Ltd. engine, Nichii CarePalace Nichii home Kamihoshikawa,
 McDonald's Hoshikawa store, Takahashi firm, Daiichi Corp., Yokohama Hodogaya Lions Club,
 29 total Nomura Real Estate Development life & sports MEGALOS Tennocho, Yokohama, group
 flower3 flower4

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