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[finished] hodogaya flower Festa 2018

We held flower and green event "hodogaya flower festival" held in May every year.
We carried out memory of the 20th anniversary of the "hodogaya flower charter" establishment, plans again various as Garden Necklace YOKOHAMA 2018 cooperation business, Dance Dance Dance @YOKOHAMA2018 partner business.
Thank you for your many visits.

◆ Date ◆

  Saturday, May 19, 2018 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (plan)

  ※We postpone in (Sun) at the time of executing the event on a light rainy day, stormy weather on 20th.

◆ Venue

  Hiroshi Park (in getting off at Sotetsu Line Hoshikawa Station, along the track in Wadamachi Station direction a 5-minute walk) in Hoshikawa

◆ Branch group, stage event

  On the day, as for the details, please see program.

◆ Town hodogaya photo exhibition that flower is fragrant ◆ ※We closed application. Thank you for your much application.

  In Hodogaya Ward, establish "the hodogaya flower charter" in 1998, and area, school, office, administration cooperates, and is clean, and is beautiful; "unpleasant, street of flower" promotes the making of.
  Therefore, taking the opportunity of the establishment 20th anniversary of the charter, we hold photo exhibition to publicize town planning of flower of beautiful Hodogaya that overflowed in flower and green.

◆ Sponsorship ◆

  Town promotion Network of hodogaya flower, Hodogaya Ward government office

◆ Supporting company, group ◆
Pure Toyota Carolla Kanagawa / Yokohama Hodogaya Rotary Club / Sagami Railway Co., Ltd. / eastern capital consumers' cooperative / Imai district center (AKTIO) / DAIICHI Co., Ltd. / consumers' cooperative pal system Kanagawa dream co-op / sunny stage Hoshikawa (Omata Gumi) / company / Showa construction / JA Yokohama Hodogaya branch / Sakamoto Sakamoto festival / medical law humanities light fair Koizumi clinic / toraberuwan / Nakamura /KUKA Japan / Yaguchi electricity / shakaifuku*hojin*dofuku*kaikaimamorirojinfuku*hodokoshi* sawtooth oak stand / medical corporation corporation Italy fair / biritsukyo YAMAHA music classroom / Kanehara / sweat shirt hands golf club / Itabashi / size male construction / kabushikikaishadaikyoseisakusho / Yokohama Hodogaya Lions Club / Ando sports / Yanase technical center / Takahashi firm / Kanagawa landscape gardening business association Hodogaya branch office / Yokohama citizen mutual aid consumers' cooperative Futamatagawa spread Service Center / Shonan transportation facility Corporation / McDonald's Hoshikawa shop not to get tired of (random order, honorific title abbreviation)

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