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Health, medical care

Food education lecture of the 90th anniversary of Hodogaya constituency system
By meal to "time dietetics" - life rhythm, both head and body are ... clearly

"Scholastic ability rising when we have breakfast which is why" "At night why as for gaining weight when we eat before sleeping"

It is story of "time dietetics" that time to eat influences brain and health side.

Please participate!

The date and time: Tuesday, March 6, 2018 from 13:30 to 15:00
   ★We start experience-based corner at 12:30. (as for the details see below)
Lecturer (Yasuo Kagawa)

Venue: Hodogaya public hall hall

Capacity: 400 first arrival (application required)
    ※It is targeted for childcare existence (few name, the first arrival): Six months ... preschool child after birth

Expense: Free of charge

Lecturer: Yasuo Kagawa (Kagawa Nutrition University vice president / nutrition department's professor)
    Nippon Television "class that we want to take world's most"
    NHK "asa ichi" appears on the media a lot!  


 For lecture participant, it is Hodogaya food education recipe book
                We present "taste of Hodogaya that we want to convey"!
Taste of Hodogaya where we want to introduce Hodogaya food education recipe Book into

"Experience-based corner" simultaneous holding! From 12:30 to 13:30 ★Application is not necessary★

Let's learn with 1 size of the original food sample happily
   You choose, and pick up…How many stars is meal balance?
   25 first arrival   ※We distribute rearranging ticket in - venue at 12:20
Meal diagnosis image With a choice of favorite meal… Image of meal diagnosis
How long balance

    Do you get?

Diagnosis result (sample) of meal diagnosis
We present diagnosis result!
Expert degree of meal balance
   How many stars was it? ?
 Vegetables intake check of 2 health mates
 Vegetables intake check of health mate     We will measure vegetables eating per day!
  Are vegetables enough? ?

Lecture application method

 ※ I will inform only when you reach capacity and cannot participate.

We accept from January 15, 2018 and start!

1.From PC smartphone, carrying

  Please apply from the following addresses. (to Yokohama-shi electron application service HP)
   From PC  From smartphone  From carrying
  ※ When we refuse to e-mail, and to receive and set, application becomes invalid.

2.Postcard, FAX

   You have you list full name, phone number, and apply.
  One desired, please list childcare on the name (furigana), sex, the date of birth of child.

 [address] 〒 240-0001 2-9, Kawabecho ward office Health Promotion Section "food education lecture" is addressed
 [FAX] 045(333) 6309 "food education lecture" is addressed

 We look forward to application from all of you!