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Health, medical care

News from hodogaya health

 We posted plans such as cancer screening, Vaccinations or Check ups for Infants and Toddlers of one year.
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News from 30 hodogaya health A Cancer screening, health consultation, inspection pdf 30 hodogaya
News from health A
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News from 30 hodogaya health B Child care (infants medical examination, Vaccinations) pdf 30 hodogaya
News from health B
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Medical examination, inspection

Yokohama-shi Health Checkups

  • It is physical checkup for one 75 years or older mainly. (we move to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

Specific medical checkup (metabolic medical examination)

  • It is physical checkup for 40-74-year-old person taking out National Health Insurance.

Cancer screening

  • It is health check-up of Yokohama-shi to detect cancer early. (we move to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

Examination of AIDS

  • At ward offices, we can undergo an examination of free of charge, anonymity.

Examination of examination of stool test, gyo ovum of parasites

  • Inspection at ward office was finished on March 31, 2013.

Hepatitis measures

  • It is examination for hepatitis virus, information for hepatitis treatment costs furtherance. (we move to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

Health promotion

yokohama health-style

  • It is approach of Yokohama-shi aiming at the best healthy life expectancy in Japan. (we move to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

As for the Hodogaya Ward eating habits, it is member of improvement promotion

  • Mainly on the eating habits, we introduce "health mate" playing an active part as volunteer of health promotion.

hodo walk walking guide

  • It is exercise that walking continues although being a pleasure and can work on. In Hodogaya Ward, walking aims at fixation surukotooo toward various age groups and carries out "hodo walk business".
  • We made walking guide as tool which practiced walking effectively although being a pleasure.
  • Please utilize ‼ distributing in Hodogaya Ward government office (the third-floor 32nd window others), community care plaza, sports center
  • pdfhodo walk walking guide (Portable Document Format, 586KB)

Healthy walking map

Disease, infectious disease

Vaccinations (we move to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

Heat stroke

Infectious disease information

Other medical care

First aid (the night, holiday)

Medical search

Procedure of medical license concerned

AED (page of City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau)

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