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Please be careful about doubt telephones to "return medical expenses , premium"!

 Suspicious telephones directed to go in ATM with bank card of bank occur successively recently as it returns overpayment of medical expenses and premium from person giving staff of ward office.

 For receipt of medical expenses and refund of premium, 

* The staff may not let you operate ATM.
* The staff may not visit home.
* We may not demand communication to toll free number and cell-phone.

Such a suspicious call is reported so far in other wards in Yokohama-shi not only the Hodogaya Ward, and damage actually occurs, too.

 News of return
of medical expenses and premium reaches by letter and may not tell on the telephone from ward office.

In addition, as for medical expenses and premium being returned by operation of ATM of bank and convenience store, absolute.

 Fraud group lets you trust partner persuasively posing as administration and is going to cheat important property.
Please be careful about suspicious calls about medical expenses and refund of premium.