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Hodogaya Ward area administration subsidy

Hodogaya Ward area administration subsidy

 In Hodogaya Ward, we support approach of independent continuation-like area problem solution that various main constituents of area including Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations cooperate newly, and collaborated in imminent local uniformity range.


... that application acceptance of Hodogaya Ward area administration subsidy was finished in ... 2018

 Application reception desk period: From Monday, February 19, 2018 to Friday, March 9 [the reception desk end]
 << you accept, and come after advance reservations for from 9:00 to 17:00 for from Monday to Friday >>


Supporting target group

 There are theme that we decided by oneself and intention to become independent about local problem in the future, and to wrestle toward problem solution continuously and is group meeting all the next requirements.

(1) The main constituents more than two including Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations with intention we work on various activities widely or to work on cooperating

(2) The main constituents constituting supporting target group discuss mutually, and there is place to agree, and to form

(3) We wrestle continuously more than the year


Supporting target expense

Item of expenditure Contents
Compensation Compensation for person except group member including lecturer, leader, performer
Food costs Lunch charges to activity worker (intend for worker of *yoitoshojinsuu with chisel for the day of the activity.)
The fee for use The fee for use, rentals such as venue and machine parts
Print costs Flyer poster for activity public information, print charges of report
Premium Premium of activity worker
Expendable supplies costs Office supplies accompanied with activity, the article purchase (less than 30,000 yen)
Communication costs Postcard, stamp charges accompanied with activity, the postage
Trust charges It applies by duties (the venue construction, machine parts transportation, research) that it is hard to carry out in group
Transportation expenses Transportation expenses of activity worker whom meeting with outside lecturer, outside lecturer suffer from on transportation expenses on the day to need, the day of the activity  
Others Expense that other Director General accepted in particular

Supporting amount of money

(1) We set a ceiling of nine-tenths of supporting target expense and assume 1 application group 200,000 yen limit

(2) Grant to the same application group assumes limit for five years

(3) We do the amount of execution with the range of budget


Flow of subsidy grant application and activity

 Grant application presentation (from Monday, February 19, 2018 to Friday, March 9, 2018)
 Holding (plan during April, 2018) of study meeting
 Subsidy grant decision (beginning of May, 2018 plan)
 Presentation (middle of May, 2018 plan) of subsidy bill
 Grant (after the beginning of June, 2018 plan) of subsidy
 Activity conduct
 Presentation (after activity) of results report

Application method

 (1) Presentation documents
   ● Hodogaya Ward area administration subsidy grant application (first style)
   ● Business plan (the second issue style)
   ● Cash budget book (the third issue style)
   ● Documents which are similar to terms, these articles of association or other
   ● Documents which understand the cooperation situation of plural groups
  Downloading of offer essential point Local administration subsidy stylethis (Word form, 259KB)

  Downloading of application documents Local administration subsidy style
this (Word form, 126KB)

  Downloading of application documents [entry example] Local administration subsidy style entry example this (Word form, 52KB)

 (2) Application submission of documents period
    From Monday, February 19, 2018 to Friday, March 9, 2018 from 9:00 to 17:00 (excluded on Saturday and Sunday)
     *After advance reservations, please bring directly. (mail, FAX impossibility)

 (3) Application documents presentation place, reference
    Hodogaya Ward government office 
            Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section (the second floor of the main building 22nd window) 
      TEL: 045-334-6380 FAX: 045-333-7945

     *Please bring application documentation package in presentation mentioned above

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