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We hold "hodogaya inhabitant of a ward Festival" in 2018!

 Summary held in last year: 2017 "hodogaya inhabitant of a ward Festival of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system"


 Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

  ※We postpone in (Sun) at the time of executing the event on a light rainy day, stormy weather on 21st

  ※On the day we will tell about the held right or wrong by the following method.
     ○We publish in ward office homepage (from 7:00 a.m. on that day)
     ○It is Yokohama-shi call center (from 8:00 a.m. on that day) 

Prefectural Hodogaya Park (external link)

  (exercise open space, open space of rest, fountain open space, Kanagawa art hall, athletic open space, rugby ground)

Supporting company, group (honorific title abbreviation)

  Association of general Yokohama construction industry Hodogaya ward assembly / Yokohama cablevision /
  Tokyo gasuekomo life Baru Hodogaya / Urata construction / Sakamoto /
  Hot water / Toyota Carolla Kanagawa / Nissan Prince Kanagawa sale Hodogaya store / of the natural hot spring sky
  Association of HITOWA care service irize Mitsuzawa, Yokohama / Kanagawa labor hygiene welfare /
  Use of general Hodogaya Ward inhabitant of a ward facility association / Imai district center (AKTIO) /
  i*hojinshadankotokukaiyokosaniin / Kanagawa car maintenance Yokohamanishi Branch / TONOX /
  Company hungry tiger / KUKA Japan /
  Nonprofit foundation Kanagawa nursing society Yokohamanishi Branch / sunny stage Hoshikawa /
  Consumers' cooperative pal system Kanagawa dream co-op / eastern capital consumers' cooperative /
  Nomura Real Estate Development life & sports MEGALOS Yokohama Tennocho / Yokohama Hodogaya Lions Club / 
 Yokohama Hodogaya Rotary Club / medical corporation corporation Italy pure meeting care for the elder healthcare facility sky / 
  Care for the elder welfare institution sawtooth oak stand / Ando sports / Itabashi / L tex /
  DAIICHI Co., Ltd. / Showa construction / communication facilities / Japan Post Co., Ltd. Hodogaya post office /
  Industrial / Arai green / out of Hatsune hill kindergarten sky apartment house kindergarten / God
  Medical law humanities light society Koizumi clinic / Gakunan-based interest / / IZUMI Co., Ltd. industry / not to get tired of
  Kanehara / Mitsuhiro / YOKOHAMA REITO / Kanto sending by land /
 Social welfare corporation good luck finished society special elderly nursing home kawashima home / social welfare corporation Yokohama white light society /
 Large male construction / Tsurumi oil and fat / special elderly nursing home Residential Tokiwadai /
  Toyota parts Kanagawa holding a joint sale / home center Kohnan Hoshikawa, Hodogaya store /
  Hodogaya Ward mall alliance society / Yaguchi Electric / Yanase technical center /
  Class yaberaifupatona / Shonan transportation facility company / Shindo /
  Association of Bank of Yokohama Hodogaya Branch / Bank of Yokohama Wadamachi Branch / Yokohama-shi kindergarten Hodogaya Branch's director society /
  Industry society / JA Yokohama Hodogaya Branch / Yokohama build share company / in western Yokohama
  ohanamakudonarudo Hoshikawa shop

   We have the support to hodogaya inhabitant of a ward Festival.
    Let's enliven same nihodogaya inhabitant of a ward Festival!
Recruitment of people from new branch [the offer end]

  It recruits people from new branch of inhabitant of a ward bazaar in hodogaya inhabitant of a ward Festival!
   ◇Branch contents :Activity introduction and PR of group, event to be able to enjoy with visitors, sale of food and drink
   ◇The number of the offer groups : 5 groups degree (1 division 3.6m *2.7m. In the case of a lot of applications, it becomes lottery.)
   ◇Branch charges : Non profit organization 7,500 yen profit organization 10,000 yen
   ◇Application : Until Tuesday, July 31 
   ※We notify of lottery result by Friday, August 31.
   ※Plural applications of the same person (group) are invalid.
   ※It is limited to one (group) that can participate on both days (October 20, 21st).

      Offer was finished.

hodogaya dance performance: Recruitment of dance event performers
[the offer end]

        Offer was finished.

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