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hodogaya Eco supporter training course

We make use of "we like" and practice Eco!
Living ... which is 3R dream (slim) to begin with ... manufacturing

Do you not learn art and point of how to make eco-bag or cloth sandals while talking noisily together?

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Time Schedule Contents
1 Wednesday, November 8   Orientation
 "3R to begin with my bottle
  ... twine my bottle holder product ttemiyo ~"
2 Friday, November 17   "Let's remake umbrella cloth and cloth which I did not need"
3 Friday, November 24  "Let's know the present conditions of garbage destruction by fire
 ... Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Asahi tour of the plant ~
4 Friday, December 1  "Let's challenge the making of having spare time postcard
5 Friday, December 8  "Let's think about warming measures
 To reduce 80% of CO2 by ... 2050? ~
Closing a lecture type

◆◇Offer essential point◇◆

Time: From 10:00 to 12:00

Meeting place: hodogaya social movement center hours, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Asahi factory (only as for the third)

Capacity: 15 (in the case of a lot of applicants, we draw lots)

Entrance fee: Free (we pay our own transportation expenses, and it may cost material cost)

Childcare: Children more than six months ※ It may cost snacks charges. As for the third, as for the childcare, there are none.

Application method: Postcard, FAX, E-mail
       Name (furigana), zip code, address, phone number, application motive, childcare presence desired
       Childcare applicant specifies the name (furigana), age, sex, the date of birth of child

The deadline: We extend until Tuesday, October 31 on September 15!

Application, inquiry: Hodogaya Ward Regional Promotion Division Resources Reuse Promotion "Eco supporter training course" expectation
    〒240-0001 2-9, Kawabecho TEL: 045-334-6304 FAX: 045-332-7409
    E-mail: ※ Please specify with "eco-supporter training course" to title.

★With Yokohama 3R dream plan…
  ●Reduce (reducing): We reduce garbage itself
  ●Reuse (reuse): We use repeatedly many times
  ●Recycle (recycling): We separate and use as resources again
   It is approach to promote three "R" which are keyword of garbage weight loss.

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