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Bring up Hodogaya Ward social movement; subsidy

It is spiritually rich, and anyone performs livable community development which can live in peace
We support business of social movement group!

Application of 2018 was finished


2018 "Hodogaya Ward social movement we bring up subsidy"

 For the purpose of social movement of Hodogaya Ward activating this subsidy more,

 To support business of social movement group,

We assist some operating costs.

Target group

It is group meeting all following requirements.

 (1) You have more than 5 members, and do not arrange limit about participation in group
 (2) Member of group is mainly to be at school residence, working in ward
 (3) Do not be doing activity for the purpose of profit
 (4) Do not perform religious activity
 (5) Do not perform political activity

Supporting target business (business to carry out for from April, 2018 to March, 2019)

Voluntary; is independent, and, with approach, social publicity, independence will become the anticipated following business in the future.

 (1) Business to realize aim to advocate for Hodogaya Ward community-based welfare health planning (Hodogaya relievedly town development), and to propel the plan
 (2) Business to realize aim to advocate for Hodogaya Ward action guideline for Yokohama model area inclusion care systems construction, and to promote the plan
 (3) Community development business through culture, art, sports promotion
 (4) Business to propel lifelong learning, social movement of inhabitant of a ward
 (5) Business to perform for local problem solution in fields such as anti-crime program, road safety, environment, life hygiene
 (6) In addition, business that it was business with social publicity, and Hodogaya Director General accepted in particular

Condition that is not recognized as supporting target business

We cannot assume business to correspond to any of the following supporting target business.

 (1) Business for the purpose of profit
 (2) Business for the purpose of religious activity
 (3) Business for the purpose of political activity
 (4) Business that main participant is not inhabitant of a ward
 (5) Business that there is not activity place as master in ward
 (6) Business that receives financial support such as assistance, the furtherance from country, local public entity and those affiliated organizations
 (7) Business only for the purpose of the friendship, interchange of member of group or group phase each other
 (8) Business that receives grant of subsidy by Hodogaya Ward area, town development activity subsidy grant summary before this summary enforcement three times in the past
 (9) In addition, business that admitted that Director General was not suitable

Supporting target expense

Item of expenditure Contents
Compensation Compensation for person except group member including lecturer, leader, cooperator
The fee for use The fee for use, rentals such as venue necessary for business operation and machine parts
Print costs Print charges such as flyer, poster, report for public information
Premium Event premium, recreation premium
Expendable supplies costs Office supplies necessary for business operation, article purchase costs (less than 15,000 yen)
Communication costs The postage such as notices to participant
Others Expense that other Director General accepted in particular

Supporting division

Course division Target business Subsidy grant
The amount of upper limit
The upper limit number of times
Examination method
Start-up course New business 30,000 yen To twice Documents examination
Challenge course New business
Existing business
200,000 yen To three times Documents examination
Presentation examination

Flow of application procedure 

Start-up coursepdf (Portable Document Format, 258KB)

Challenge coursepdf (Portable Document Format, 250KB)                                                     

Offer essential point distribution place

●Hodogaya Ward government office Regional Promotion Division Lifelong Learning Support Section (the second floor of the main building 23rd window)
●Local facility (community care plaza, district center, community house) in Hodogaya Ward
●Hodogaya Ward Council of Social Welfare

hodogaya social movement center hours

♪ From this home pe ji, we can download offer essential point and application documents ♪

Application period
 From Monday, February 19, 2018 to Friday, March 9 from 9:00 to 17:00
                                                        (excluded on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Application documents presentation point, reference

Hodogaya Ward government office Regional Promotion Division Lifelong Learning Support Section 
(the second floor of the main building 23rd window)
 TEL: 045-334-6307

 Please bring application documentation package in presentation mentioned above.
 ※By mail and FAX cannot apply.
 ※Application documents identify contents. On presentation, come after advance reservations.

Downloading such as offer essential points from this

●Downloading of offer essential point pdfthis (Portable Document Format, 954KB)

●Downloading of application documents docthis (Word form, 94KB)

Application documents

 Please submit all the following documents.

  • Subsidy grant application (first style)
  • Group summary book (the second issue style)
  • Business plan (the third issue style)
  • Business cash budget book (the fourth issue style)
  •  Documents which are similar to terms of group or these

●Downloading of application documents [entry example] pdfthis (Portable Document Format, 400KB)

※Business with the budget for Heisei 30 degrees execution is settled after the budget resolution of Yokohama City Council.

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