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The local debut course - hodogaya learning corps - offer end

Your world spreads out!
Look, we hear and meet on foot, and attractive rediscovery course offer of Hodogaya is finished

Because the first step of local debut knows "town", it begins.
As for this course, "we want to know area more" thinks, "we want to begin what it is in area"
It is course for you.
At first you walk town, and do you not begin because you know?

Well, let's go to look for charm of Hodogaya together!

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Time Schedule (all six times) Contents Lecturer & supporter
1 Thursday, October 12 Attractive rediscovery of town!
Let's be full of walks aimlessly
Bring up participation in planning; studio
  Representative Takaba Kazuyo
Yoshinocho Community/Civic Plaza
 Hiroshi Igarashi
2 Thursday, October 19 It faces the sea of Tobe from Hodogaya
      ... which thinks about Hodogaya way 500 years before ...
Museum of Yokohama Urban History
 Yuji Sone
3 Thursday, October 26 Visit folktale of Hodogaya, Imai
                ... *keisaka and 13 articles of mound ...
Get "hodogaya", and talk; ... be
4 Thursday, November 2 Let's feel blessings of nature
          Visit Sakuragaoka of ... imminent forest; and ...
Friends of Sakuragaoka forest
Forest reproduction project with Sakuragaoka, waterside
5 Thursday, November 9 The history of natural rich park and Yokohama National Univ.
Meeting of hodogaya guide volunteer
Yokohama National University
6 Thursday, November 16 Let's talk about charm of Hodogaya Bring up participation in planning; studio
 Representative Takaba Kazuyo

                                *We may change contents at the time of stormy weather.

◆◇Offer essential point◇◆

Time: From 13:00 to 16:00

Meeting place: hodogaya social movement center (hours) others

Capacity: 30 people (lottery) who can participate in in principle all schedules

Entrance fee: Free (we pay our own transportation expenses)

Application method: Postcard, FAX, E-mail
       We specify zip code, address, full name (furigana), the generation, phone number, application motive

The deadline: It must arrive by Thursday, September 28

Application, inquiry: Hodogaya Ward Regional Promotion Division Lifelong Learning Support Section "area debut course" charge is addressed
           〒240-0001 2-9, Kawabecho TEL: 045-334-6308 FAX: 045-332-7409
           ※Please specify with "local debut course" to title. 

Attractive spot that "hodogaya learning corps" found

We are usually seeing casually, and there is much charm!
We introduce charm spot of Hodogaya that everybody who took lectures discovered. ⇒ Please from this

hodogaya learning corps communication

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