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About the thirteenth Hodogaya Ward inhabitant of a ward concert (was finished)


≪Event summary≫

 This concert is two copies of constitution of familiar classical music and soundtrack. For a time on Sunday, please enjoy live performance of Hodogaya community orchestra.

≪Event schedule >> Concert flyer[finished]
1 date and time

  Sunday, July 8, 2018

  Performance: From 13:30 (the opening: at 12:50)
2 places

  1-2-1, Hoshikawa, Hodogaya-ku

  Hodogaya public hall (from Hoshikawa Station a 3-minute walk)

3 sponsorship  
  Hodogaya Ward government office 
  Hodogaya community orchestra
  Please click ☚ (in the welcome page).
4 and others
  No charge for admission

John Williams
 Olympics fanfare and theme
 Star Wars suite
 Symphony fifth "fate"

 Kotaro Fukuda


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