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We conclude "basic agreement about hometown activities in Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi"


 On Saturday, July 7, 2018, we concluded "basic agreement about hometown activities in Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi" in Yokohama FC, Hodogaya Ward, Chairperson association of Hodogaya Ward Machiuchi Network, people of Hodogaya Ward mall alliance society of 4.
 We set up clubhouse in Hodogaya Ward, and, in Yokohama FC which aimed at F.C. which took root in area, various local contribution through hometown activities such as cooperation to holding of soccer classroom and local festival was active until now in cooperation with Hodogaya Ward and Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, mall.
 In addition, Yokohama FC which is the only professional sports team in Hodogaya Ward cannot lack for Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward either; come to be very important.
 Taking the opportunity of the 20th anniversary of the foundation of Yokohama FC, we strengthen mutual cooperation, and this basic agreement is intended to promote hometown activity and activity to contribute to regional activation still more.

 Four people of Sugai Director General of Hodogaya Ward, Chairperson Hatajiri of Chairperson Hodogaya Ward alliance Machiuchi Network, Chairperson Murakami of Hodogaya Ward mall alliance fair, Chairperson Okudera of Yokohama FC and sports die Lecter performed while it was watched in many inhabitants of a ward, fan, the reporters of Yokohama FC in "Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward DAY" where report of the agreement conclusion was held in NHK SPRING Mitsuzawa gridiron.
 From Mayor Sugai "hope that have Yokohama FC make an effort for hometown activity with the agreement conclusion still more. We will build good relations that such a good circulation leading to victory of team is born by Hodogaya Ward raising its ward more than before, and supporting Yokohama FC."
 From Hatajiri, chairperson "will hope that have events to lead to local activation cooperate in future. We give all Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations and will support Yokohama FC played an active part based in Hodogaya Ward."
 From Murakami, chairperson "will push forward cooperation for the purpose of activation of each mall and achievement of Yokohama FC in future. We give all malls and will support Yokohama FC which is Hodogaya Ward only professional sports team."
 "The cause of stronger ties cooperates with Hodogaya Ward, Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, mall with the agreement conclusion and will heap up Hodogaya Ward." from Chairperson Okudera
 In this, there were greetings.

 Hodogaya Ward will aim at "unpleasant gusset which wants to continue living forever" in future in cooperation with Yokohama FC by raising charm of ward more.

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