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Living and procedure

Family register, resident certificate, Seal Registration

  • Family register
  • Resident certificate
  • Basic Resident Register card and electronic proof
  • Seal Registration
  • Tag of family register
  • House indication
  • Entrance to school procedure of elementary and junior high school

National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), employee health insurance

  • Insurance and Pension Division service standard
  • National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)
  • National Health Insurance
  • The Long-term Care Insurance
  • Medical system for elder senior citizens
  • The furtherance of medical expenses


  • Proof of city tax
  • City tax to tax at ward office
  • Payment of city tax
  • Procedure of light motor vehicles

Garbage disposal/recycling Eco activity

  • Garbage disposal/recycling
  • Eco-activity (warming measures)

Local action, inhabitant of a ward activity

  • Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations
  • Anti-crime program
  • Road safety
  • Beautiful town planning
  • Promotion of local power
  • Mall promotion
  • Local production for local consumption
  • Lifelong learning, local action
  • Young people healthy upbringing
  • Culture, sports, international exchange
  • Facility

Public hearing, consultation

  • Suggestion (suggestion from citizen) to municipal administration
  • Information disclosure
  • Inhabitant of a ward meeting
  • Legal advice
  • Judicial scrivener consultation
  • Traffic accident consultation
  • Administrative counseling
  • Authentication consultation
  • Various consultation

Election, statistics

  • Election
  • By statistics intellect ruhodogaya "navel"
  • National census
  • About various statistics investigations

Child care information [piyopiyopokke]

  • If we become pregnant
  • If baby is born
  • Let's play with child
  • Nursery school, kindergarten
  • We leave child
  • Single-parent child care
  • Consultation
  • Tooth, nutrition
  • Disease and the accident prevention of child

Health, medical care

  • News from hodogaya health
  • Various medical examination, inspection
  • Vaccinations
  • Infectious disease information
  • Medical information retrieval
  • The night, holiday, sudden illness
  • AED
  • Healthy walking map "slope tekuteku"

The welfare

  • It is town development relievedly Hodogaya
    ... Hodogaya Ward community-based welfare health planning ...
  • Elderly person information [lively silver age]
  • Golden age club
  • The Long-term Care Insurance
  • Consultation about obstacle, incurable disease , specific disease
  • We support everyday life
  • Person whom life is troubling

Environmental hygiene, food hygiene

  • Hygiene of air of drinking water and room
  • Insect, bee
  • Dog, cat
  • To person beginning food-related shop
  • Food safety
  • About procedure of medical license concerned

Road, sewage, park (engineering works office)

  • Road
  • Sewage
  • Park
  • Engineering works office-related various downloading
  • Hodogaya engineering works communication
  • Administrative map about engineering works

Town development

  • Town development plan
  • For reference of town development
  • Around Hazawa Station district town development
  • Sagami rail line continuation grade separation business
  • Maintenance of East Kanagawa area line

Disaster prevention information

  • Earthquake
  • Typhoon, heavy rain
  • Landslide
  • Crisis control plan
  • Disaster prevention related information


  • The temporary number
  • Bid, contract information
  • Recruitment of operational management groups of facility