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Hodogaya Ward disaster prevention information

Evacuation sites at the time of disaster

Evacuation sites at the time of disaster


When we evacuate

    1. At first please plan personal security that matched the place.

    2. School or park, vacant land nearby are large, and, not only appointed elementary and junior high school, please evacuate to safe place.

    3. When you cannot come back to home by collapse of house, please evacuate to appointed elementary and junior high school (evacuation shelter (evacuation shelter)).

    4. When you became dangerous, please shelter to evacuation area by spread of fire expansion of neighboring fires.

※About disaster prevention information (earthquake, typhoon, heavy rain, landslide) of Hodogaya Ward, please see this in detail.

Evacuation shelter (evacuation shelter) in Hodogaya Ward and evacuation area are as follows.

Hodogaya Ward evacuation shelter (evacuation shelter)

School name
The location
Allocation district
Training day
1 Arai Elementary School 1574-1, Kamisugedacho Niimachi, Kamisugedacho
Sunday, October 14
2 Sasayama Elementary School 1422, Kamisugedacho A part (the north side including Sasayama housing complex) of Kamisugedacho
November 23 Friday (holiday)
3 Upper Sugeta elementary school 134, Kamisugedacho A part (the south side except Sasayama housing complex) of Kamisugedacho
Sunday, November 4
4 Old sawtooth oak stand elementary school 1374-1, Kawajimamachi Kawajima-machi
Sunday, October 7
5 Nishitani Junior High School 1208, Kawajimamachi Nishitani-cho, Kawajima-machi
 Sunday, October 14 
6 Kawashima Elementary School 1162, Kawajimamachi Shimacho, Higashikawa, Kawajima-machi
Sunday, September 30
7 Kamihoshikawa Elementary School 2-51-1, Kamihoshikawa 1, Kamihoshikawa, 2, Kamihoshikawa, 3, Kamihoshikawa, Shimacho, Higashikawa, Nishitani-cho
 Sunday, November 4
8 Tokiwadai Elementary School 22-1, Kamadaicho Tokiwadai, Minezawacho, 3, Mineokacho, Okazawacho, Kamadaicho
 Saturday, October 13
9 Hodogaya
Junior high school
3-1, Kamadaicho Kamadaicho, 1, Wada, 2, Wada, Bukkoucho
 Saturday, October 27
10 Sakamoto Elementary School 6, Sakamotocho West, Sakamoto-cho, Bukkoucho for France
 Saturday, October 20
11 Elementary school for France 845, Bukkoucho Bukkoucho
 Sunday, September 2
12 Hoshikawa Elementary School 3-18-1, Hoshikawa 1, Hoshikawa, 2, Hoshikawa, 3, Hoshikawa, Myojindai, Hanamidai, 1, Wada
 Saturday, October 27 
13 hoshogakuko 1-10, Mineokacho 1, Mineokacho, 2, Mineoka, 3, Mineokacho, Kawabe-cho, 1, Wada, 2, Wada
 Sunday, November 18
14 Miyata Junior High School 1-100, Miyadacho Kamadani-cho, Miyada-cho, Okazawacho
 Sunday, October 14 
15 Hemp clothes elementary school 65-1, Kawabecho Tennocho, 1, Iwamamachi, Nishikubocho, Kawabe-cho, Godo-cho
Sunday, October 14
16 Tachibana Junior High School 1167-2, Bukkoucho Bukkoucho
 Sunday, September 2
17 Sakuradai Elementary School 1-13-1, Sakuragaoka Kasumidai, 1, Sakuragaoka, Tsukimidai
 Saturday, November 10 
18 Hodogaya
Elementary school
129-4, Godochou Katabiracho, 2, Iwamamachi, 1, Iwamamachi, Nishikubocho, Tsukimidai, 1, Sakuragaoka, Godo-cho
 Sunday, September 30
19 Fujimidai Elementary School 307, Iwaicho Iwaicho, Nishikubocho
 Sunday, November 11
20 Iwasaki Elementary School 22-1, Iwasakicho Hodogayacho, Iwasakicho, Hatsunegaoka, Setogayacho, Karibacho
 Sunday, November 11
21 Seto ke valley Elementary School 243, Setogayacho Karibacho, Setogayacho
 Sunday, November 18
22 Hatsunegaoka Elementary School 1-1, Fujitsukacho Law Hajime Izumi chome, law spring 2, law spring 3, Sakaigimachi, Fujitsukacho, Hatsunegaoka, 2, Shinsakuragaoka, Imaimachi, Iwasakicho
 Sunday, November 18
23 Gontazaka Elementary School 2-4-1, Gontazaka Karibacho, 1, Gontazaka, 2, Gontazaka, 3, Gontazaka
 Sunday, October 21
24 Boundary tree elementary school 3-48-1, Hirado, Totsuka-ku Sakaigihoncho, 1, Gontazaka, 2, Gontazaka, 3, Gontazaka
 Sunday, October 7
25 Fujitsuka Elementary School 1-22-1, Shinsakuragaoka Imaimachi, 1, Shinsakuragaoka, 2, Shinsakuragaoka, Fujitsukacho, Bukkoucho
 Saturday, October 27
26 Imai Elementary School 981-1, Imaimachi Imaimachi, 1, Shinsakuragaoka
 Sunday, October 7
27 Iwasaki Junior High School 2-6-1, Sakuragaoka  2, Sakuragaoka, 1, Sakuragaoka, Iwasakicho, Hatsunegaoka, Hanamidai
 Sunday, October 28

Blue character some areas are pertinence about allocation district.

※Training day is due date as of September, 2018.

※School in Iwai Hara and Kamisuge Tanaka school exclude designation of evacuation sites to assume bases of relief, relief activities. In addition, we appoint Arai Junior High School as evacuation sites of Asahi Ward.

Hodogaya Ward evacuation area

  Name Total area (square meter) Accommodation capacity (person)
A The Mitsuzawa sports stadium whole area 370,400 128,700
B The Shimizugaoka Park whole area 179,100 69,300
C Yokohama-shi elementary school student amusement park 221,300 135,500
D The prefectural Hodogaya Park whole area 428,700 212,300
E Kawabe Park and
The Yokohama business park whole area
257,400 109,300
F Yokohama National University 626,800 293,000
G Sasayama housing complex 183,400 81,300
H Sawtooth oak stand housing complex 221,300 135,500
I The Yokohama country club whole area 1,182,400 1,029,100

 About storage product

  In evacuation shelter (evacuation shelter), food, water is stored. Number is limited to these for minimum storage product for person who cannot take domestic storage food by home collapse or fire.
  Therefore you prepare for storage for at least three days by all means in each family, and please bring as possible their storage product at the time of refuge.

  PDFEvacuation shelter storage supplies table (Portable Document Format, 204.0KB)


 Hodogaya Ward disaster prevention map

   Let's confirm evacuation sites in Hodogaya Ward disaster prevention map!


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