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Information for Hodogaya Ward government office (as for the workbook of each section this)

The location of ward office

  It is this about engineering works office

Around ward office map

Map of English version is this


〒240-0001 2-9, Kawabecho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi

Ward Government building general view

Access method

By train

  • Soutetsu Line Hoshikawa drop off walk two minutes (high speed and way train stop)

By carAbout parking lotCongestion expectation

By bus

Business hours

※You changed the reception desk end time of ward office window from 5:15 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. as approach of power saving, energy saving by electricity shortage from August 1, 2011, but you stand on viewpoint of medium-and-long term electric power supply and demand prospect, and please cooperate with 5:00 p.m. in future as you do.

    Window duties from 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

(in time to open for ward Government building door, it is from 8:30 a.m..)

※It deals with duties at all windows about interval (from the midday to 1:00 p.m.) in noon of Monday through Friday (from holiday, holiday, December 29 except January 3). In addition, you may have to wait depending on duties until 1:00 p.m.

※We do not work for Saturday (except from 9:00 a.m. to the midday on 4 second Saturday), Sundays and holidays, holiday and from December 29 to January 3.

About open agency on Saturday

  We open window of ward office every month in the morning on the fourth second Saturday and, in Hodogaya Ward, handle Family Registry Division, duties of Insurance and Pension Division and some duties of Children and Families Support Division for person who cannot come to ward office weekdays.

    Window duties from 9:00 a.m. to the midday
    (in time to open for ward Government building door, it is from 8:45 a.m..)

Service counter in the city hall

  We issue copying, Seal Registration Certificate of resident certificate of all Yokohama-shi wards, pension present situation proof by service counter in the city hall out of ward office business hours such as Sunday on Saturday. As I may not hand on the spot (except holiday, makeup holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays) depending on kind and reception hours of certificate, please confirm before the use.

Window layout chart

Holiday, night handling duties

Main workbook

 Some sections, people in charge name of ward office was changed from April 1, 2012.
 ※Area code of telephone, fax is "045".

Section namePerson in charge nameTelephoneFaxMain dutiesWindow
Family Registry Division Family Registry Section 334-6231 - 6232 335-6781 Reports such as birth, the death, the marriage
koseki* (sho) book [all the family register (individual) matter certificate]
Identification card, permission of burial, cremation
Registration Section 334-6234 - 6235 Family Registry Division proof window reception desk
(copying, Seal Registration Certificate of resident certificate, this koseki* (sho) all [family register (individual) matter certificate], resident certificate items mentioned certificate, copying of tag of family register, house indication certificate
Family Registry Division proof window grant
(with the second certificate handing over window of application)
Report of transfer such as transference, transference, movingHouse indication
Copying, reading of resident certificateSeal Registration, proof
Resident registry card, report of electronic certificate, update application of identification of special permanent resident
334-6237 Entrance to school, transfer to county school 5
334-6234 - 6235 Resident registry card, receipt of electronic certificate 6
Insurance and Pension Division National Pension Plan Section 334-6332 334-6334 National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) 9
National Health Insurance Section 334-6335 Levy of National Health Insurance qualification, premium
Levy of qualification, premium of The Long-term Care Insurance
Tax Receipt Section 334-6337 Storing of premium of National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance 13
Payment responsible 334-6338 Payment of payment, medical system for elder senior citizens of National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance
Qualification of medical system for elder senior citizens, levy, storing of premium
The furtherance of person with a disability medical care severe medical care of pediatric care, single-parent home
Ward's Treasurer's Office Accounting Section 334-6286 - 6287 334-6390 Payment of payouts 11
General Affairs Division General Affairs Section 334-6203 - 6204 334-6390 Proof such as ward office general affairs, crisis control, anti-disaster measures, name of a street lot number change
Car temporariness service permission (the temporary number)
Social movement insurance (insurance for volunteer activity)
Budget Adjustment Section 334-6205.6370 The accounting, Government building management
Statistics and Elections Section 334-6206 - 6208 Election, various statistics investigations (national censuses) 21
Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section 334-6221 - 6223 333-7945 Municipal administration consultation
Special consultation (law, traffic accident)
Public information yokohamahodogaya ward version issuance
Hodogaya Ward homepage
Reception desk of petition, request, guidance, information disclosure reception desk
Inhabitant of a ward meeting
Planning and Adjustment Section
Public Relations Section
Planning and Adjustment Section
334-6227 - 6228
Planning and coordination of main business of ward
Communication adjustment with public institution in ward
Consultation about town development
Promotion of local power
Regional Promotion Division Person in charge of local action 334-6302 - 6303 332-7409 Promotion, communication of Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations citizen tissue
Consumers measures, Traffic Safety Campaign, setting of crime prevention light
Resources Reuse Promotion 334-6304 Promotion of Yokohama 3R dream (slim)
Beautification promotion of town, preventive measures against illegal dumping
Lifelong Learning Support Section 334-6307 - 6308 Lifelong learning support, young people healthy upbringing, sports promotion
Culture promotion
Ward Facilities Subdivision 334-6305 Management, administration of use of inhabitant of a ward facility
Tax Division Municipal tax
334-6241 - 6243 332-7489 Report, taxation of personal municipal tax, prefectural tax 26
334-6244 Taxation proof, report of motor bike
Taxation of light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei)
Land Section 334-6250 - 6252 Evaluation, taxation of land, evaluation proof 28
House charge 334-6254 - 6256 Evaluation, taxation of house (property tax, urban planning tax) 29
Tax Receipt Section 334-6270 - 6275 334-3350 Payment, consultation of city tax, tax payment proof, reissue of payment notice 25
Health and Welfare Division Administration Planning Section 334-6311.6313 333-6309 The secretariat of local welfare officer children's committee meeting Book
Business planning staff 334-6341 - 6343 Community-based welfare health planning
Management, administration of community care plaza, welfare health practice base
Person in charge made
334-6344 - 6347 Cancer screening, Vaccinations
Infectious disease measures
, lifestyle-related diseases prevention, dentistry health, nutrition improvement
Health promotion support, atom bomb A-bomb victim protection
The secretariat of member of health practice promotion society
Health Sanitation Division Environmental Sanitation Section 334-6363 Authorization such as hairdressing, beauty, cleaning business
It is hygiene of building, well water cistern to receive
Prevention consultation such as hygiene pests
Office work such as registration of antirabic dog
Breeding consultation such as dog and cat
Food Sanitation Section 334-6361 - 6362 Authorization of food-related facility, consultation of food hygiene
Medical care, pharmaceutical facility-affiliated application
As for healthcare occupations, dietician, the cook, it is license application
Children and Families Support Division Children and Families Support Section 334-6297 Mother and child health handbook, Child Allowance, children chronicity identification illness, nurture, upbringing medical care benefits application, welfare special ticket, JR commuter pass discount of Child Raising Allowance recipient household, welfare special use of ticket, welfare taxi ticket, toll road toll discount to be concerned with child with a disability younger than 18 years 34
334-6323.6352 Infants medical examinationMother classroomMother and the child visitBaby classroomThing about child care support
334-6353 Child Raising Allowance, mother and the child father and son widow welfare fund loan, support of single-parent home, consultation, medical treatment about obstacle younger than 18 years
334-6396 Child home support consultation
334-6397 Nursery schools talk about entrance application
School cooperation, child charge 334-6322 Thing about school, education, it is elementary school student upbringing business after school
Elderly and Disabled Support Division Elderly and Disabled Support Section 334-6381 - 6382 331-6550 Elderly person, body, mentally-disabled person (18 years old or older), welfare health consultation of incurable disease patient
Application reception desk (18 years old or older) of body, mentally-disabled person notebook
Welfare special ticket (other than Child Raising Allowance receipt household) of one 18 years or older, welfare taxi ticket, toll road person with a disability discount
Certification for long-term care application of The Long-term Care Insurance
Specific medical expenses payment application
It is card with respect for the old special identification of ride (respect for the old pass), Hama

The second floor
Elderly person support charge 334-6324 - 6328 Elderly person support service
Person with a disability support charge 334-6383 - 6384
331-6550 Body, intellectual mental patient, support of incurable disease patient
The Long-term Care Insurance charge 334-6394 - 6395 334-6393 Representation certification application by company Book
Life support section Life support person in charge 334-6314 334-6030 Consultation of social security
Consultation of person having a problem economically
The third floor
Person in charge of office work
Administration Section 331-4445 335-0531 Act permission of jurisdiction Park such as private use permission such as road, the sewer, reading, certified copy application of figure of border investigation The location

Road Section Maintenance, repair of road supports border investigation into road, waterway, maintenance of roadside tree, private road maintenance
Sewage and Park Section Conduct of business to modify maintenance, management (except Administration Section jurisdiction duties) such as house ward nucleus parks based on the city park method such as maintenance, redevelopment of the sewer, river, park protection fair