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    Life event

    Procedure, service (menu according to genre)

    Family register, resident certificate, Seal Registration

    Family register / resident certificate / Seal Registration / transference, transference /
    Entrance to school, transfer / house indication of elementary and junior high school

    National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), employee health insurance

    National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) / National Health Insurance / The Long-term Care Insurance / medical expenses furtherance /
    The window congestion situation


    City, prefectural tax / property tax / light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei) / payment /
    Proof about tax

    Garbage disposal/recycling Eco activity

    Garbage / recycling /
    Eco-activity (warming measures)

    Local action, inhabitant of a ward activity

    Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations / anti-crime program / road safety / consumer life /
    Lifelong learning, social movement / young people healthy upbringing /
    Culture, sports, international exchange / facility

    Public hearing, consultation

    Legal advice / information disclosure / public hearing, inhabitant of a ward meeting

    Election, statistics

    A lot of election / statistics

    Child care

    Mother and child health handbook / child care support / infants medical examination / nursery school /
    After school of Child Allowance / single-parent support / primary schoolchild

    Health, medical care

    Health consultation / health check-up, inspection / Vaccinations

    The welfare

    One / golden age club / with impaired community-based welfare / elderly person /  
    Certification of care need / everyday life whom support / life is troubling

    Environmental hygiene, food hygiene

    Hygiene / medical care license application / food hygiene of animal, pet / house

    Town development

    Town development

    Disaster prevention information

    Evacuation sites / disaster preparedness plan / disaster prevention map