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      • ■The year-end and New Year news ■Ward office becomes closed until from Friday, December 29 to Wednesday, January 3, 30.
        ※We handle in main building "reception counters such as holiday, the night" under the ground and do family register-related report.


    Life event

    The pregnancy, delivery  Admission, entrance to school Employment, Retirement Adult Marriage/divorce House, moving Elderly person care Condolences

    Procedure, service (menu according to genre)

    Family register, resident certificate, Seal Registration

    Family register / resident certificate / Seal Registration / transference, transference /
    Entrance to school, transfer / house indication of elementary and junior high school

    National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), employee health insurance

    National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) / National Health Insurance / The Long-term Care Insurance / medical expenses furtherance /
    The window congestion situation


    City, prefectural tax / property tax / light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei) / payment /
    Proof about tax

    Garbage disposal/recycling Eco activity

    Garbage / recycling /
    Eco-activity (warming measures)

    Local action, inhabitant of a ward activity

    Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations / anti-crime program / road safety / consumer life /
    Lifelong learning, social movement / young people healthy upbringing /
    Culture, sports, international exchange / facility

    Public hearing, consultation

    Legal advice / information disclosure / public hearing, inhabitant of a ward meeting

    Election, statistics

    A lot of election / statistics

    Child care

    Mother and child health handbook / child care support / infants medical examination / nursery school /
    After school of Child Allowance / single-parent support / primary schoolchild

    Health, medical care

    Health consultation / health check-up, inspection / Vaccinations

    The welfare

    One / golden age club / with impaired community-based welfare / elderly person /  
    Certification of care need / everyday life whom support / life is troubling

    Environmental hygiene, food hygiene

    Hygiene / medical care license application / food hygiene of animal, pet / house

    Town development

    Town development

    Disaster prevention information

    Evacuation sites / disaster preparedness plan / disaster prevention map

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