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List of facility information  

  First aid, medical care  Nature  Sports  Life  Culture  Area  The welfare, work  Social movement, interchange  Each ward office facility guidance  Service counter in the city hall  City school Guidance such as public offices

First aid, medical care


Outdoor facility

The sea, river



Facility for the young people

Facility for elderly person

Public accommodation

Culture facility

Public hall

Inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center, Community/Civic Plaza

As place of cultural activities and announcement


To event things using stage

Each ward office facility guidance

List of ward offices

Yokohama-shi map Aoba Ward Tsurumi Ward Midori Ward Kanagawa Ward Asahi Ward Seya Ward Nishi Ward Hodogaya Ward Naka Ward Minami Ward Izumi Ward Totsuka Ward Konan Ward Isogo Ward Sakae Ward Kanazawa Ward Tsuzuki Ward   Kohoku Ward

Service counter in the city hall


List of district center

Community house, community school

List of city schools

Health, medical care, the welfare


Social movement, lifelong learning