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Introduction of each station

Top pageMain jurisdiction duties
Climate Change Policy Headquarters Approach promotion of de-global warming, Yokohama smart city project (YSCP)
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Top pageMain jurisdiction dutiesPart, section
Policy Bureau Long-term vision (basic design), Middle plan, big city system, other cities cooperation, city University cooperation, international policy, Haneda Airport, Tokyo office, base measures, gender equality Policy Bureau outline of business
General Affairs Bureau Crisis control, assembly related matters, legislation, personnel affairs, mechanism, electronic town hall, affiliated organization adjustment General Affairs Bureau outline of business
Finance Bureau Finance, budget, financial statements, tax, contract, property, public works project adjustment Finance Bureau outline of business
International Affairs Bureau General adjustment of international allied enterprise, multicultural symbiosis, local government diplomacy, overseas office, international technical cooperation, international organization support, cooperation between cities International Affairs Bureau outline of business
Civic Affairs Bureau Information disclosure, personal information protection, human rights, collaboration promotion, local action support, anti-crime program, public information, public hearing consultation, call center, administration of a ward support, sports promotion Civic Affairs Bureau outline of business
Culture and Tourism Bureau Sightseeing promotion, culture promotion, convention Culture and Tourism Bureau outline of business
Economic Affairs Bureau General support of medium and small-sized business, promotion, commerce, consumer life, market of company invitation, location, founding, venture, new industry, the employment, employment, skill Economic Affairs Bureau outline of business
Child and Youth Bureau Abuse, and cope, and, child care support, Child Allowance, nursery school support maintenance, administration, and bring up elementary school student after school, youth development, Youth Guidance Center, the infertility treatment costs furtherance, child with a disability, elementary school student home Child and Youth Bureau outline of business
Health and Social Welfare Bureau Community-based welfare, community health, the life welfare (social security, insurance pension ), person with a disability, elderly person, community medicine, life hygiene Health and Social Welfare Bureau outline of business
Medical Care Bureau Medical policy, medical Information Planning, cancer, illness measures, home medical care, first aid/disaster medical care Medical Care Bureau outline of business
Medical Care Bureau Hospital Administration Headquarters Management (municipal hospital, adoption of administration, nurse of stroke, nerve backbone center, administration by designated manager of Yokohama city minato Red Cross Hospital) of municipal 3 hospital Medical Care Bureau outline of business
Environmental Planning Bureau Inflection of park, green tract of land, farmland, research, Environmental Impact Assessment of environmental conservation, pollution regulation, instruction, biological diversity, maintenance, maintenance of green tract of land, park, sewer facility, duct line maintenance Environmental Planning Bureau outline of business
Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Matter about weight loss, exploitation of resources and appropriate handling of refuse Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau outline of business
Housing and Architecture Bureau Maintenance, maintenance of public building such as planning and coordination of development, building, house, development of city planning, authorization, inspection, instruction, violation measures of development, building, plan, construction, management of public housing Housing and Architecture Bureau outline of business
Urban Development Bureau General adjustment of city maintenance, the downtown area, Shin-Yokohama maintenance, Minato Mirai 21 plan, living environment maintenance, redevelopment business, local maintenance Urban Development Bureau outline of business
Road and Highway Bureau As for plan adjustment, construction, maintenance of road, traffic node maintenance, the bus, it is traffic measure adjustment, maintenance, maintenance, roadside tree of river Road and Highway Bureau outline of business
Port and Harbor Bureau Matter about harbor, matter about seaside development Port and Harbor Bureau outline of business
Fire Bureau Firefighting Fire Bureau outline of business
Office of Accounting Examination of expenditure dossier, the receipt and disbursement of daily cash and storage, operation of fund, financial statements preparation and operational management of financial accounting system Office of Accounting outline of business
Water Works Bureau Driving of maintenance, water purification plant and pumping station of water source, update improvement, anti-disaster measures of water pipe, management of the quality of the water, repair of leak of water explosion Water Works Bureau outline of business
Transportation Bureau High-speed railway business, car transport business Transportation Bureau outline of business
Board of Education Secretariat Matter about setting, management of educational institutions such as city school or library, lifelong learning, cultural assets Board of Education outline of business
Election Administration Commission Secretariat The execution of various election and management, board of elections office work, direct request office work, regular enlightenment of election, enlightenment at the time of various election Board of elections outline of business
Personnel Commission Secretartiat Research of appointment, salary, duty condition of the staff, staff employment examination, dissatisfaction examination office work of disadvantageous disposal Personnel Commission Secretartiat outline of business
Audit and Inspection Commission Secretariat Thing about checkup committee, thing about periodical inspection, inspection such as financial assistance groups, administrative inspection, financial statements examination, inhabitants inspection request, inspection from the outside Audit and Inspection Commission Secretariat outline of business
City Council Bureau Administration such as plenary session, permanent post, the special governing board. Intelligence, analysis, research about public information, the news about assembly, municipal administration plan City Council Bureau outline of business

Ward office

Main jurisdiction duties
Family register, Basic Resident Register, non-Japanese registration, the levy collection of city tax, the collection of nation health, Long-term Care Insurance Premium, insurance payment, social welfare, child home support, hygiene, local promotion, public information, public hearing, statistics investigation, election
Top pagePart, section
Aoba Ward government office Aoba Ward outline of business
Asahi Ward government office Asahi Ward outline of business
Izumi Ward government office Izumi Ward outline of business
Isogo Ward government office Isogo Ward outline of business
Kanagawa Ward government office Kanagawa Ward outline of business
Kanazawa Ward government office Kanazawa Ward outline of business
Top pagePart, section
Konan Ward government office Konan Ward outline of business
Kohoku Ward government office Kohoku Ward outline of business
Sakae Ward government office Sakae Ward outline of business
Seya Ward government office Seya Ward outline of business
Tsuzuki Ward   government office Tsuzuki Ward   outline of business
Tsurumi Ward government office Tsurumi Ward outline of business
Top pagePart, section
Totsuka Ward government office Totsuka Ward outline of business
Naka Ward Office Naka Ward outline of business
Nishi Ward Office Nishi Ward outline of business
Hodogaya Ward government office Hodogaya Ward outline of business
Midori Ward government office Midori Ward outline of business
Minami Ward government office Minami Ward outline of business

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