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Public information video of each ward

Public information TV show "Yokohama of ao value TV from hill"
It is program to introduce charm of Aoba Ward including event in Aoba Ward and scenery every season to.
Isogo Ward public information video
The staff of Isogo Ward releases "public information video" of production, Isogo Ward appearing on. As we introduce good shop in ward and unknown charm spot, please see by all means!
Isogo photo studio    The highlight of Isogo Ward
Sakae Ward nau! TV
Provide the present information of inhabitant of a ward of Sakae Ward; "Sakae Ward nau! Under TV broadcast!
Album of Tsuzuki Ward   16 years old town
We gather up with various photographs in Tsuzuki Ward   as video. There are "change of town" edition, "spring, summer of Tsuzuki Ward  " edition, "autumn, winter of Tsuzuki Ward  " edition. Check it out!
Tsurumi Ward public information video
We made PR picture of administrative information to tell inhabitants of a ward about administrative information clearly at Tsurumi Ward government office.
 Please see casually although being a pleasure.
Tsurumi Ward information building    Tsurumi Ward outing guidance
News from nakaku video
"nakaku video news" that the staff of Naka Ward introduces plan, video which we made to. Plain video introduces information necessary for charm and life of Naka Ward.
Midori Ward judging from video
A lot of helpful information! In "Midori Ward sightseeing information," we deliver charm of Midori Ward with video.
Midori Ward sightseeing information
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