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Public information yokohama browse
"Public information yokohama browse" to pick up article from "public information yokohama", and to introduce
We provide equipment in WEB and observe
Big facility which is familiar to living. We want you to know business and approach of city in Yokohama-shi and perform visit society or event in each facility. You can see video and picture partly on homepage.
Kids page "iotaun" of 3R dream (slim)
We can learn points of flow and 3R (three are) of recycling judging from painting happily clearly.
Yokohama Eco school (YES)
For accomplishment of Yokohama-shi de-warming course of action, it is citizen participation type project that is going to open ground of various learning about environment, global warming problem that citizen, social movement group, company, university, the government carry out "study bo in catch phrase on the earth in Yokohama" for movement of all cities with unification brand called "YES".
You can do it, too! Garbage separation
About garbage and classification and recycling of resources, we deliver video which we explained clearly.
※With "Yokohama channel," we publish video of YouTube Yokohama-shi formula channel "CityOfYokohama" except some videos.
※ About video appreciation method, please see YouTube help center "appreciation of video".
※When common question video cannot reproduce