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"Hama navigator"
 "Hama navigator" who navigates mana biYokohama in Yokohama. We broadcast in tvk for from 18:00 to 18:30 every Saturday. We introduce various information of Yokohama. Under streaming!
The skill of craftsman who lived with the "craftsman of Hama" times
We made booklet and picture to introduce information to take contents of work of post of various skills that played an active part in each field of batter (are dressed), meal, house, life (live) and the occupation to to have many people know skill job.
In nozoitemiyo water
We introduce video of creatures living in the sea and river of Yokohama where there are few opportunities when we usually see from "in water source ... nozoitemiyo water sailing up from the sea".
The requisition and revival of Yokohama to look at with picture
The requisition of Yokohama began by occupation of allied forces of August, 1945 (Showa 20). Yokohama-shi is pushing forward promotion of return, approach for realization of the ruins use now.
We introduce this history while interlacing states from the occupation period of the late 20s to the about 40s of the Showa era.

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yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA "live camera"
We deliver state of animals of ZOORASIA in real time.
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