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Yokohama-shi statistical documentation

 We updated Yokohama-shi statistical documentation [Web version].

We publish statistical table which we updated for two weeks recently.
The top that you are watching, please use precautions.

 Statistical tableThe update date
1 land and weather
  The weather
 8 weather observation
NEW (1) The general weather outlookOctober 5
NEW (2) Extreme value of temperature, humidity, the wind velocity and precipitationOctober 5
NEW (3) The days according to weather itemOctober 5
2 population
  Population size at one specific point in time
NEWThe number of the households according to February and populationOctober 5
NEW4 administrative sections, month, men's and women's populationOctober 5
NEW6 Basic Resident Register populationOctober 5
  Population dynamics
NEW8 population dynamicsOctober 5
7 finance and insurance
NEWMain calculation of 1 bankOctober 5
NEWThe association of 3 Yokohama-shi credit guarantee guarantee general conditionOctober 5
 4 bankruptcy situation
NEW (1) Type of industry distinctionOctober 5
NEW (2) Cause is differentOctober 5
NEW5 exchangesOctober 5
NEW6 unfulfilled promises (business suspension of the license)October 5
8 trade and harbor
NEW7 ship water supplyOctober 5
9 roads, transportation and communication
 13 railroads, use staff according to orbit Station
NEW (2) Kanazawa Seaside Line (the getting on and off car staff)October 5
NEW (3) Minato Mirai Line (the getting on and off car staff)October 5
NEW (4) Sagami rail line (the getting on and off car staff)October 5
NEW (5) Keihinkyuko Line (the getting on and off car staff)October 5
12 prices and family budget
  The family budget
◎Household economy survey result (table 3-4)
NEWConsumptive expense amount of money (more than 2 households) of 3 one household good year an average of one monthOctober 5
NEWIncoming and outgoing (among more than 2 households wage-earning households) of 4 one household good year an average of one monthOctober 5
13 labor
◎Employment structure basics findings (table 6-12)
NEW6 employment state, man and woman, population according to age-gradeOctober 5
14 social welfare
 4 social security
NEW (2) The number of the cover welfare family according to work force type, household typeOctober 5
NEW (3) The protection staff according to aidOctober 5
 5 National Health Insurance
NEW (3) Specific medical checkup state of implementationOctober 5
 7 The Long-term Care Insurance
NEW (4) Situation 1 of care insurance facilityOctober 5
16 education and culture
◎School basics findings (table 1-11)
NEWThe number of the schools of 9 junior colleges, the number of the students and teaching profession numberOctober 5
 The use situation such as 20 sports facilities
NEW (2) Sports hallOctober 5
18 civic economic calculations and table of economical statistics
  Civic economic calculation
NEWCity total production (name) according to 1 economic activitiesOctober 5
NEWCity total production (substantially) according to 2 economic activitiesOctober 5
NEWDistribution of 3 citizen income and citizen's disposable incomeOctober 5
NEWFour total production (the expenditure side) (name)October 5
NEWFive total production (the expenditure side) (substantially)October 5
NEWSix total production calculation (the production side and the expenditure side)October 5
NEW7-related indexOctober 5