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Yokohama-shi statistical documentation

 We updated Yokohama-shi statistical documentation [Web version].

We publish statistical table which we updated for two weeks recently.
The top that you are watching, please use precautions.

 Statistical tableThe update date
1 land and weather
  The weather
 8 weather observation
NEW (1) The general weather outlookAugust 7
NEW (2) Extreme value of temperature, humidity, the wind velocity and precipitationAugust 7
NEW (3) The days according to weather itemAugust 7
2 population
  Population size at one specific point in time
NEWThe number of the households according to February and populationAugust 7
NEW4 administrative sections, month, men's and women's populationAugust 7
NEW6 Basic Resident Register populationAugust 7
  Population dynamics
NEW8 population dynamicsAugust 7
7 finance and insurance
NEWMain calculation of 1 bankAugust 7
NEW5 exchangesAugust 7
NEW6 unfulfilled promises (business suspension of the license)August 7
9 roads, transportation and communication
 10 private buses
NEW (6) The Tokyu bus transportation general conditionAugust 7
 The business situation of 11 taxisJuly 31
 13 railroads, use staff according to orbit Station
NEW (2) Kanazawa Seaside Line (the getting on and off car staff)August 7
10 buildings and house
◎Building start of construction statistics findings (table 5-10)
 The number of the 5 architecture main outbuildings, total of floor space and the construction cost estimated amountJuly 31
◎Building loss statistics findings (table 11-12)
NEW11 jokyakudate*butsuAugust 7
NEW12 disaster buildingsAugust 7
 15 houses
NEW (2) The Prefecture Housing management number of housesAugust 7
12 prices and family budget
 2 retail prices statistics investigationsJuly 31
14 social welfare
 4 social security
NEW (1) Protection costs according to aidAugust 7
NEW (2) The number of the cover welfare family according to work force type, household typeAugust 7
NEW (3) The protection staff according to aidAugust 7
 7 The Long-term Care Insurance
  (5) Situation 2 of care insurance facilityJuly 31
 The welfare of 8 elderly people
  (1) Elderly person welfare institutionJuly 31
 10 elementary school student and domestic welfare
  (5) The general conditions such as nursery schoolsJuly 31
 11 and others
  (3) The general condition of worker welfare mutual aidJuly 31
16 education and culture
 17 Museum and museum
  (2) The number of permanent construction exhibition room viewers of Yokohama Archives of HistoryJuly 31
  (3) The store number of Yokohama Archives of HistoryJuly 31
  (4) The number of the people of admission of Yokohama-shi history MuseumJuly 31
  (5) The store number of Yokohama-shi history MuseumJuly 31
  (11) The number of the people of admission of Yokohama-bijutsukanJuly 31
 The use situation such as 19 culture facilities
NEW (5) Pref. Youth Center Main BuildingAugust 7
  (11) Minato Mirai hallJuly 31
  (12) Pacifico-yokohamaJuly 31
  (13) Yokohama ArenaJuly 31
  (14) Yamatenishi European-style buildingJuly 31
 The use situation such as 20 sports facilities
  (3) Pool facilityJuly 31
  (6) Nissan Stadium (Shin-Yokohama Park)July 31
  (8) Other sports facilitiesJuly 31
NEW24 amusement complexesAugust 7
17 judiciary and peace and order
  The police
 The situation such as 8 business of offering food and entertainment, pawnshop, antique businessJuly 31
Staff of 20 election, assembly and city
  Staff of assembly and city
 10 councilorsJuly 31