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OPEN DATA statistics Yokohama

Use condition

CC-BY indication

 We offer book published in page of our site "OPEN DATA statistics Yokohama" under CC BY indication (displaying credit of work) of creative Commons indication 4.0 international license.
 Publication data are available for the second use (modification) in commercial purpose, too. The cause can make secondary book, but when you edit and process, you specify "OPEN DATA statistics Yokohama, and the source" lists that editing processed, and please announce publication data.

Data catalogue

 Data catalogue refers to list, index of data which we summarized meta data (information such as name, creator, update day) about data set (file) that is released in.

Downloading ⇒ "OPEN DATA statistics Yokohama" data catalogue [8KB] [January 10, 2019 update]

Meta data data set

 [population by estimate] Based on national census result of latest (2015), it is current population that modified birth, death, transference cases.
1 Men's and women's population and number of the households - administrative section [January 10, 2019 update]
2 Age, men's and women's population - administrative section [January 31, 2018 update]
 [enrollment] It is population listed in Basic Resident Register.
1 Men's and women's population and number of the households - town and village [January 10, 2019 update]
2 Age, men's and women's population - town and village [October 31, 2018 update]
3 Number of the households - town and village [October 31, 2018 update] according to the household staff
4 Foreign population - administrative section [January 10, 2019 update]
 [industrial statistics investigation] The number of the offices based on industrial statistics findings, the number of the employees, manufacture shipment sum are value-added sums.
1 Office - town and village [November 30, 2018 update] more than four number of the employees

With open data

 As for releasing enormous public data which country or local public entity own as open data, it is expected private sector and that it is new driving force for innovation by NGO.
 However, because it is in form that we cannot process if we do not depend on specific software such as form or spreadsheet that we cannot process like PDF file as for most of released public data now, we are suitable for machine reading, and it is necessary to do in form that it is easy to process under the second rule available that we included commercial purpose in.
 Therefore not only we raise administrative transparency, but also are connected for creation of new service and employment such as offers of community service by collaboration of public and private sectors including development of application, efficiency promotion of company activity, and it is thought that economic activation of the whole our country is planned in its turn by releasing in form that is easy to process these public data as open data beforehand.

On becoming open data

 Product government college was public and, in page of our site "OPEN DATA statistics Yokohama", released the first edition "opening data guide" whom opening data distribution promotion consortium established for the purpose of promoting base maintenance for realization of open data distribution environment released to in July, 2014 Chapter 9 opening data on July 14, 2014 as data set of CSV file form based on technical guideline (guideline about 9. table 3.2 form data) for making.
 Based on technical guideline for the second edition "opening data guide" whom general opening & big data utilization, local construction promotion mechanism that we succeeded result of open data distribution consortium released to in July, 2015 Chapter 9 opening data, we release opening data afterwards.
 Based on the above-mentioned guideline, it becomes open data that machine reading is possible in consideration for file format (CSV form), value (Christian era notation) of year, notation or character code (UTF-8) of unit.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is international organization and generic name of the activity providing creative Commons license (CC license) in non profit organization.
 Creative Commons license (CC license) is rule of new copyright spreading worldwide which aimed at promoting free distribution of the work concerned with the author maintaining copyright by displaying explanation (identification of Commons) and mark (CC license) that are easy to understand the condition (indication of credit, modified and nonprofit prohibition) that the author (copyright holder) of work shows on permission of the second use in people who do not know a lot about law.

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