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Statistics e-mail magazine "Yokohama statistics communication hamameru pocket" for mobile phone

... which we send to mobile phone of ... hamano statistics you directly

 "hamameru pocket" is free e-mail magazine to send the latest number of population and the number of the households of Yokohama-shi to mobile phone by E-mail regularly every month.
 It becomes compact statistics e-mail magazine in portable version of "Yokohama statistics communication" <hamameru> for PC.

"Yokohama statistics communication hamameru pocket" delivery service registration, cancellation method

[registration method]

In the use is careful; and read contents of registration page carefully, and please register by the next method.

From PC
You access registration page, and you input required items, and please register.

[cancellation / change method]

From PC
You access member option login screen, and please input required items.

In the use is careful

  • Information to tell about by E-mail is only text (letter). We cannot send photograph or chart.
  • Transmitting contents are only 英語,"Population news" It is contents which centered on this.
  • As you exceed full size 192 characters, please register with model supporting this.
  • It burdens cell-phone, email used about expense that it costs for the reception necessary for connection.
  • Please ask about malfunction in case of delivery to the following "reference".
  • We forbid performing re-delivery on quotation, reproduction to web of article or business without permission.
TopStatistics e-mail magazine > Statistics e-mail magazine for mobile phone