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Statistics e-mail magazine "Yokohama statistics communication" <hamameru>

... which we send ... hamano statistics to

 "Yokohama statistics communication" <hamameru> is free e-mail magazine to send the latest statistics information of Yokohama-shi to every month.
 We tell about information of "Yokohama-shi population news" and "big city population by estimate" and introduce all the statistics latest information of Yokohama-shi.
 Delivery plans around 7th every month.

"Yokohama statistics communication" <hamameru> delivery service registration (cancellation) method

 As for the registration, cancellation, please perform procedure of "withdrawal" "the enrollment" according to information for screen in the next page.
 Please register with new address after change some other time to change delivery after canceling registration once.

In the use is careful

 With address of cell-phone please note that cannot register.
 Information to tell about by E-mail is only text (letter) of 英語. We cannot send photograph or chart.
 About environment using E-mail, we cannot offer in Yokohama-shi. In addition, it burdens used person about facilities, expense necessary for connection.
 About malfunction in case of delivery and registration, cancellation, ask to the following reference.
 We prohibit reprinting article without permission, re-delivery on business.
 We do not use registered e-mail address other than the delivery of <hamameru>.
 Some URLs may not be available in those days as they publish the delivered original text.

Statistics e-mail magazine "Yokohama statistics communication hamameru pocket" for mobile phone

 Even mobile phone provides the latest information of population and the number of the households of Yokohama-shi.
 For more details, please see next.

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