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Population of Yokohama

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Based on the latest national census, it is population that modified birth, death, transference cases.

1. Scheduled update date is September 7 on the population news monthly update next time.

3. Men's and women's population annual update according to age (each age .5 years old rank)

Age-specific population - as of January 1, 1993: Most newly as of January 1, 2017
("age-specific ratio" of ※ statistical table is ratio for total population to include age unknown o.)

4. Big city population monthly update by estimate

※May 1, 1997 ... (as for the PDF January 1, 1984 ...)

It is population listed in Basic Resident Register.

1. We update men's and women's population according to Yokohama-shi, each distinction age twice a year

End of March, 1995 -: It is end of March, 2017 [March .9 monthly update] Excel format most newly

2. Household according to town and village and men's and women's population monthly update

End of January, 1998 ...

3. We update age-specific men's and women's population according to town and village twice a year

End of March, 1998 -: It is end of March, 2017 [March .9 monthly update] CSV form most newly

4. Basic Resident Register population monthly update

It is Excel format to ... most new moon in the end of April, 2002

You can look at population of past Yokohama-shi in "Yokohama-shi statistical documentation" and "population news" that you issued (Portable Document Format) in those days.

It is the number of the employees old population, foreigner, 15 years old according to industry or older

About change of non-Japanese registration system

"Alien Registration Act" was abolished on July 9, 2012, and foreigner came to be listed in Basic Resident Register by the enforcement of revised the Law of the Basic Resident Registers. Specifically, look at the following links.


  • Field distinction
  • Keyword distinction
  • Distinction
  • Town and village distinction

We can look for statistics information from index according to keyword.

OhWe areuOh kaComekukeko saDoDoseso taTuttsuteto naninuRight?no
hahifuPassho maSeemumemo yayuyo rarirurero wa 1-9 A - Z 

Every ward, we can glance through the area of the ward, population by estimate, registration population, main statistics information including national census result.

2. Statistics information with data of distinction

We can look for household and statistics information with data according to town and village including men's and women's population others, national census, economic general survey, establishment, company statistics investigation, industrial statistics investigation, commerce statistics investigation.