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Topics January, 2019

The forest mayor to give message for new adult 2019/1/14 Monday
Gathering to celebrate "Coming-of-Age Day"

On 14th of "Coming-of-Age Day", departure when 37,643 new adults were new was reached in Yokohama-shi. We sent message and Yale of celebration to new adults who carried the coming future when we had Yokohama Arena gather.

 2019/1/13 Sunday
  Yokohama New Year's parade of fire brigades 2019

We held "Yokohama New Year's parade of fire brigades 2019" of common usage in Akarengasoko open space on the New Year and showed result of everyday training of "Yokohama firefighting" to visitors. In addition, through general training and participation experience corners, we had you sense firefighting power of Yokohama and disaster that cooperated with related organizations vs. stress bodily. We work on securing of security/safety of citizen's all of you well and will realize "safe, reliable city, Yokohama resisting disaster" from now on.

The forest mayor who says hello in lectern
State of drainage by fire brigade

Top page > The mayor > Topics > Topics January, 2019

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