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Yokohama-shi Ayako Nagabayashi
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Topics March, 2017

Contract conclusion type 2017/3/21 (Tue)
・Tokyo 2020 Olympics U.K. team prior camping contract conclusion type

Following the fact that conduct of prior camping by representative of British OLYMPIC team in Yokohama was decided in the case of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, we performed U.K. Olympic Committee, the Japanese Olympic Committee, Kawasaki-shi, Keio University and contract conclusion type. We want to have with perfect preparations so that all of British teams shows the best performance at this meeting.

Designated city Conference of Mayors symposium 2017/3/9 (Thu)
・Designated city Conference of Mayors symposium

We attended at designated city Conference of Mayors symposium held in Nikkei hall (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) and, with the Mayor of Shimizu Saitama, Mayor of Takeyama Sakai-shi, the Mayor of Onishi Kumamoto, accused the need of district construction and decentralization.

Big city system forum 2017/3/4 (Sat)
・Big city system forum in Sakae Ward

We had approximately 480 citizen's all of you in honor public hall and performed Keynote Speech under the theme of and "we apply to charm and realization of city full of vitality".

hama road opening ceremony 2017/3/4 (Sat)
・Yokohama Port Minamihonmoku hama road opening ceremony

"Minamihonmoku hama road" which linked Honmoku-Futo to Minamihonmoku Wharf was completed and held opening ceremony. We can shorten 40% in the time required between Minamihonmoku - Honmoku, and access to the Metropolitan expressway and the Tomei Expressway is largely improved, too. Transportation time of container improves drastically and expects further reinforcement of international competitiveness of Yokohama Port.

Top page > The mayor > Topics > Topics March, 2017

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