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Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi
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Topics January, 2017

Convenience store grant 2017/1/23 (Mon)
・As for "the resident certificate, it is certificate convenience store grant" opening ceremony

From today, citizen's all of you started "convenience store grant" that could acquire resident certificate at convenience store of 50,000 stores of the whole country using my number card. In commemoration of this, we held opening ceremony in happy Lawson Yamashita Park shop and myself actually operated multi-copier, too and experienced certificate issuance.

Woman entrepreneur promotion weeks to shine 2017/1/17 (Tue)
・"Woman entrepreneur promotion weeks to shine" opening event

We attended at Motoichi, opening event of "woman entrepreneur promotion weeks to shine" to become the first attempt. During period of from Tuesday, January 17, 2017 to Tuesday, February 28, we perform branch, workshop, seminar of booth by woman entrepreneurs playing an active part as main base in Yokohama in city large store.

New Year parade of fire brigades 2017 2017/1/8 (Sun)
・Yokohama New Year's parade of fire brigades 2017

In Akarengasoko open space, we held "Yokohama New Year's parade of fire brigades 2017" of common usage on the New Year to have you raise awareness of disaster prevention. In spite of the wintry sky, approximately 80,000 visitors came and, through general training and participation experience corners, had you experience firefighting power of Yokohama and disaster that cooperated with related organizations vs. stress.

Top page > The mayor > Topics > Topics January, 2017

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