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Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi
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Topics October, 2016

  2016/10/26 (Wed)
  ・"The 70th nine capital prefecture city summit meeting" "discussion meeting with high school student and nine capital prefectures City leaders about revival, wound life of Fukushima" and "industry technology commendation to shine of nine capital prefectures City"

We held nine capital prefecture city summit meetings in the city and acted as chairperson. Prior to meeting, we invited Fukushima Prefectural Fukushima Senior High School, all Yokohama municipal institutions and synthesis high school, Yokohama commercial high school, south high school, Sakuragaoka high schools, Deputy-Governor Fukushima Suzuki and, based on spring summit meeting which we held this time in Fukushima, performed exchange of opinions about revival, wound student of Fukushima. In addition, it commended superior company, group and the industrial technique of metropolitan area as "industry technology to shine of nine capital prefecture cities". 

Discussion meeting with high school student
 Nine capital prefecture city summit meetings


Industrial technical commendation


 2016/10/14 (Fri)
 ・Sakae, Yokohama mutual aid hospital, spot visit to Yokohama medical care welfare center Konan

We visited medical care welfare institution "Yokohama medical care welfare center Konan" (Konan Ward) consisting of two branches of only general hospital "Sakae, Yokohama mutual aid Hospital" (Sakae Ward) and "specialty clinic" to various places that had chronicity nerve disease of the onset for person of serious case mind and body child with a disability facility and the infant period in ward where obstetrics medical care was reopened by redevelopment of this June and performed on-site inspection and exchange of opinions with the staff.

Sakae, Yokohama mutual aid hospital
Medical welfare center

The Mayor of Lyon 2016/10/7 (Fri)
・Mayor of Gerard colon Lyon, all of Lyon City delegations are the next beaches

We passed more than 50 years, and delegations including the Mayor of Gerard Colon of French Republic Lyon City that was sister city came to Yokohama. We exchanged opinion about future relations and identified more exchange promotion as result that both cities cooperated in culture art, global warming measure, university, wide field including economy.

German Federal Congress 2016/10/6 (Thu)
・All of federation of diet members delegations is the next beach on German Federal Congress German day

Members of the German Federal Congress came to Yokohama to exchange opinions about environmental measures of Yokohama-shi such as inflection of hydrogen energy.

Sports honor prize 2016/10/4 (Tue)
・The Yokohama-shi sports honor prize presentation ceremony

We presented "Yokohama-shi sports honor prize" to Yokohama-shi where medal was won by "2016, Rio de Janeiro Olympics Paralympics tournament" for hikuchi*senshu, Riyunosuke Haga, Takawa intellect Nozomi with connection. For 2020 Tokyo meetings, we look forward to in future more and more achievement of three players very much.

Top page > The mayor > Topics > Topics October, 2016

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