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Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi
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Topics April, 2016

All of association of San Diego Yokohama sister city 2016/4/11 (Mon)
・All of association of San Diego Yokohama sister city is the next beach

The United States of America of "association of San Diego Yokohama sister city" who consisted of San Diego citizen which reached the sister city tie-up 60th anniversary came to Mayor's Residence next year. Motoichi interchanged around the field of education, but the future was fields such as global warming, life science, but decided to deepen relations of both cities still more until now with San Diego City.

e-NV200 departure type 2016/4/8 (Fri)
・Electric car e-NV200 departure type

With having you lend electric car "e-NV200" of Nissan Motor two to Motoichi for free, we attended at joint departure type with Kanagawa.


Municipal university entrance ceremony 2016/4/5 (Tue)
・Yokohama City University entrance ceremony

Entrance ceremony that was held in Kanazawahakkei campus. For 1,184 new pupils, we told about celebration and message of encouragement.


Top page > The mayor > Topics > Topics April, 2016

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