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Yokohama-shi Ayako Nagabayashi
― For administration of sympathy and trust

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List of visits to "this first" spot

Visit day Ward Visit place / group Remarks (contents on the day)
H30. 12.28 Kanazawa Ward Kanazawa fire department, Kanazawa public hall  
H30. 12.18 Naka Ward Yamatenishi European-style building  
H30. 12.17 Kanagawa Ward Kanagawa University student volunteer activity support room "town X (run) student project" "Warmth talk"
H30. 11.29 Tsuzuki Ward   Yokohama ringed northwest line  
H30. 11.27 Company de Company "Tea meeting"
H30.10.9 Association of general Yokohama-shi industry society society Yokohama manager society "Warmth talk"
H30.8.31 Meeting which lets all children receive equal education "Tea meeting"
H30.7.17 Midori Ward Cafe Minami administration Committee "Warmth talk"
H30.7.14 Nishi Ward Yokohama-bijutsukan We join His Imperial Highness Prince Takamado princess Hisako appreciation
H30.6.21 Asahi Ward Asahi Ward government office  
H30.6.19 Tomioka row of trees funadamari gionbune park protection society "Tea meeting"
H30.5.28 The 4, Honmoku south cheerful town governing board "Warmth talk"
H30.4.10 FM Kamihoshikawa "Tea meeting"
H30.4.1 Asahi Ward Garden necklace Yokohama 2018 village forest garden  
Visit day Ward Visit place / group Remarks (contents on the day)
H30.3.8 NPO corporation town development agent SIDE BEACH CITY. "Tea meeting"
H30.2.19 Contact club of person and animal is warm "Warmth talk"
H30.2.5 Smartphone & tablet club "Tea meeting"
H29. 12.28 Tsuzuki Ward   Tsuzuki fire department  
H29. 12.21 tsuzukikko reading cheering party "Tea meeting"
H29. 12.14 Konan Ward Bond private supplementary school ❤ Shimonagaya "Warmth talk"
H29. 10.23 Person who loves Yokohama "Tea meeting"
H29. 10.12 Tsuzuki Ward   The making of town, person of general Yokohama "Warmth talk"
H29.5.29 Naka Ward Urban greening yokohama fair "all and garden" of the whole country  
H29.5.2 Asahi Ward Urban greening yokohama fair "village forest garden" of the whole country  
H29.5.2 Naka Ward Urban greening yokohama fair "all and garden" of the whole country  
H29.4.19 yokohama woman leaders network "Tea meeting"
H29.4.11 Kanazawa Ward NPO corporation cherry tree teahouse nishishiba "Warmth talk"
H29.4.3 Naka Ward Urban greening yokohama fair "all and garden" of the whole country  
Visit day Ward Visit place / group Remarks (contents on the day)
H29.3.25 Naka Ward Urban greening yokohama fair "all and garden" of the whole country  
H29.3.25 Asahi Ward Urban greening yokohama fair "village forest garden" of the whole country  
H29.3.18 Kohoku Ward Metropolitan expressway Kanagawa Route 7 Yokohama north line  
H29.3.16 Seya Ward Watch the northern part of Akuwa; network executive committee "Warmth talk"
H29.3.13 Tsuzuki charm up meeting "Tea meeting"
H29.3.4 Konan Ward Konan Ward government office  
H29.3.4 Naka Ward Minamihonmoku Wharf communication harborside road  
H29.2.6 Meeting of Yokohama nanairo parent "Tea meeting"
H28. 12.26 Naka Ward Naka Ward Office  
H28. 11.29 Meeting of town development inhabitant of a ward of Seya Ward "Tea meeting"
H28. 11.25 Aoba Ward Aoba Ward government office  
H28. 11.25 Tsuzuki Ward   Tsuzuki Ward   government office  
H28. 11.25 Kanagawa Ward Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center  
H28. 10.31 Association of NPO corporation Yokohama city guide "Tea meeting"
H28. 10.14 Konan Ward Yokohama medical care welfare center Konan  
H28. 10.14 Sakae Ward Sakae Ward government office  
H28. 10.14 Sakae Ward Yokohama honor mutual aid hospital  
H28. 10.13 Meeting of river that waterside protection society Katabira River falls "Warmth talk"
H28.10.6 Yokohama culture art promotion Committee "Tea meeting"
H28.9.28 Tsurumi Ward Kirin Brewery Yokohama factory  
H28.9.20 Follow; library fan club "Tea meeting"
H28.9.8 Meeting of NPO law humanity will forest at the head of a river volunteer "Warmth talk"
H28.7.26 Yamanashi Way will junior high school, road stations  
H28.7.8 Hodogaya Ward NPO corporation reloading "Warmth talk"
H28.7.7 Nishinakacho town development volunteer "Tea meeting"
H28.6.7 Asahi, 英語 volunteer "Tea meeting"
H28.5.16 Dementia & prevention cafe "steadily" "Tea meeting"
H28.4.13 Association of Yokohama Japan and Germany "Warmth talk"
H28.4.7 Isogo Ward Isogo thermal power station We join President inspection of Ukraine
H28.4.1 Totsuka Ward Totsuka Ward government office We join Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare inspection
Visit day Ward Visit place / group Remarks (contents on the day)
H28.3.27 Gathering of Yokohama Para sports "Tea meeting"
H28.3.10 Aoba Ward Conduct member ... of making of place meeting - medical care with a view of face, care cooperation "green leaves model" "Warmth talk"
H28.3.7 Kohoku Ward Yokohama raporu We join Secretary of sports agency inspection
H28.2.25 Naka Ward san*en  
H28.2.16 Nishi Ward Nishi Ward Office  
H28.2.15 Meeting of 2002 World Cup Yokohama volunteers "Tea meeting"
H28.2.14 Kanazawa Ward Kanazawa Ward government office  
H28.1.30 Minami Ward Minami Ward government office  
H27. 12.20 Kanagawa Ward Bank of Yokohama ice arena  
H27.12.8 Yokohama woman entrepreneur square "Warmth talk"
H27. 11.30 This and cause agriculture private supplementary school "Tea meeting"
H27. 10.17 Sangyo Boeki Cebter Bldg.  
H27. 10.13 If there is junior high school school lunch in Yokohama; "is good"; is no fair "Tea meeting"
H27.9.7 Meeting "small feather" of tracheotomy child and family "Tea meeting"
H27.7.21 re net is constipated "Tea meeting"
H27.7.7 Meeting which thinks about Yokohama municipal administration "Tea meeting"
H27.7.3 Nishi Ward Sogo Museum of art)  
H27.7.2 Nishi Ward miyagaya support corps "Warmth talk"
H27.6.18 - The Tokyo promotion headquarters  
H27.5.28 Aoba Ward Kodomonokuni  
H27.5.25 Kanagawa prefectural government monitor alumnus society forum sectional meeting "Tea meeting"
H27.4.24 Totsuka Ward All of you who promote eco-activity in upper part of a river district alliance Neighborhood Associations "Warmth talk"
H27.4.20 NPO corporation Yokohama calf Lee D executive committee "Tea meeting"
H27.4.9 - International Affairs Bureau, Medical Care Bureau, Medical Care Bureau Hospital Administration Headquarters, Child and Youth Bureau, Culture and Tourism Bureau, Health and Social Welfare Bureau, Policy Bureau  
Visit day Ward Visit place / group Remarks (contents on the day)
H27.3.26 Konan Ward child care support base "hatchi" "Tea meeting"
H27.3.24 Port and Harbor Bureau  
H27.3.12 Tennocho single mate "Warmth talk"
H27.2.27 Manila, Yokohama friendship Committee "Tea meeting"
H27.2.23 Meeting of member of Sakae Ward consumer life promotion "Warmth talk"
H27.2.11 Naka Ward san*en  
H27.1.20 The AOBA (green leaves) wonderful walking collection governing board "Tea meeting"
H26.12.1 Association of all-Japan manufacturing industry top Great War "Warmth talk"
H26. 11.14 International exchange Yokohama window or group "Tea meeting"
H26. 11.14 Nishi Ward Pacifico-yokohama  
H26. 10.21 Tsurumi Ward Higashiterao library "Warmth talk"
H26. 10.16 Christa rear company "Tea meeting"
H26. 10.14 Nishi Ward Yokohama-bijutsukan  
H26. 10.10 Nishi Ward Yokohama citizen gallery  
H26.9.30 Kohoku Ward The Hiyoshihoncho sea bream ke sakikoen play park management governing board "Warmth talk"
H26.9.8 Utsukushigaoka double dutch club "Tea meeting"
H26.8.22 Asahi Ward Asahi jazz Festival executive committee "Warmth talk"
H26.8.18 It is kids club after school Minamiota Elementary School "Tea meeting"
H26.7.31 Nishi Ward Yokohama-bijutsukan, new port peer  
H26.7.28 Konan Ward Volunteer group hamakko SKY "Warmth talk"
H25.7.22 English guide club of san*en "Tea meeting"
H26.6.25 The Tokyo promotion headquarters  
H26.4.15 Nishi Ward South good luck security, reliable town development meeting "Warmth talk"
Visit day Ward Visit place / group Remarks (contents on the day)
H26.3.28 Naka Ward yokohamasambo hall  
H26.3.27 "It archives course representing history of oneself of ... life" "Tea meeting"
H26.3.25 Nishi Ward International foods confectionery technical school new school building  
H26.3.5 Isogo Ward Isogo Ward 3R support corps "Warmth talk"
H26.2.17 Meeting of general sales department girl section "Tea meeting"
H26.2.12 Midori Ward NPO corporation nagatsuta pao pao house "Warmth talk"
H26.1.29 Kanagawa Ward Meeting of Kanagawa international exchange "Warmth talk"
H26.1.27 Pink ribbon Kanagawa "Tea meeting"
H25. 12.27 Minami Ward, Konan Ward Minami fire department, Konan fire department  
H25. 12.25 Minami Ward Meeting "kokua" of spring "Warmth talk"
H25. 12.18 Nishi Ward ANNIVERSAIRE INC. Minato Mirai  
H25. 12.11 Child and Youth Bureau  
H25. 12.11 Child and Youth Bureau (childcare measures person in charge meeting)  
H25. 11.27 Minami Ward The Yokohama Bridge mall "Cock Fair"  
H25. 11.23 Nishi Ward Yokohama-bijutsukan We join His Imperial Highness Prince Takamado princess Hisako appreciation
H25. 11.21 Asahi Ward South rare no Midori Mori place protection society and others "Warmth talk"
H25. 11.18 Nishi Ward Yokohama-bijutsukan We join Senior Vice Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology inspection
H25. 10.30 Kanazawa Ward The Long-term Care Insurance composition type service office "Teramae who boils over who boils over"  
H25. 10.29 Nishi Ward Grand oriental Minato Mirai  
H25. 10.24 Nishi Ward WOWOW Yokohama customer center  
H25. 10.16 Totsuka Ward totsuka shukuekizenshotengai "Warmth talk"
H25. 10.10 Tsurumi Ward It is kids club after school market Elementary School  
H25. 10.10 Tsurumi Ward Tsurumi bamboo shoot after-school child day care  
H25.10.6 Showa-mura, Gunma School between house Akagi forest of boy nature  
H25.9.25 Naka Ward BankART Studio NYK  
H25.9.18 Kanazawa Ward We report to Yokohama (Fire Bureau new model helicopter boarding)  
H25.9.13 Naka Ward Koganecho underpass new studio  
H25.7.31 Nishi Ward Audi Minato Mirai  
H25.7.5 Nishi Ward Yokohama-bijutsukan  
H25.6.25 komachipurasu "Tea meeting"
H25.6.11 Hodogaya Ward hodogaya person, town, culture promotion society "Warmth talk"
H25.5.21 Hodogaya Ward sotetsu nursery school GENKIDS Hoshikawa We join Prime Minister inspection
H25.5.21 Isogo Ward Ohisama Nursery School We join Prime Minister inspection
H25.5.14 Children in NPO corporation Japan liver research institute "Tea meeting"
H25.5.9 Seya Ward Meeting of seya, guide "Warmth talk"
H25.4.23 Yokohama consumer life fair to think about "Tea meeting"
H25.4.19 Nishi Ward Yokohama-shi west fire brigade "Warmth talk"
H25.4.19 Asahi Ward yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA  
H25.4.14 Aoba Ward Of all Oba-cho say, and hand; house  
H25.4.13 Isogo Ward Minamihonmoku Wharf container terminal We join Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport inspection
H25.4.11 Nishi Ward Pacifico-yokohama We join First Lady inspection
Visit day Ward Visit place / group Remarks (contents on the day)
H25.3.28 Kanazawa Ward City University tip medicine scientific research center restudy ridge  
H25.3.18 White heart support "Tea meeting"
H25.3.16 Sakae Ward House of Kamigo, forest  
H25.3.15 Aoba Ward Green leaves school support network "Warmth talk"
H25.3.6 Naka Ward Child and Youth Bureau  
H25.3.4 Naka Ward Childcare concierge meeting  
H25.2.21 Naka Ward Nihon Odori Avenue activation Committee "Warmth talk"
H25.2.14 Meeting which protects nature on Kamigo, the shallows "Tea meeting"
H25.1.29 NPO corporation foods mile gurigura "Tea meeting"
H25.1.21 Nishi Ward Nishi Ward food education promotion meeting "Warmth talk"
H24. 12.28 Tsurumi Ward, Hodogaya Ward, Naka Ward Tsurumi fire department, Hodogaya fire department, Naka fire department  
H24. 12.14 Naka Ward NPO corporation Yokohama Sports & Culture Club "Warmth talk"
H24. 12.11 Seya cherry tree shogakukogakuentai "Tea meeting"
H24. 11.30 Follow; library fan club "Tea meeting"
H24. 11.20 Tsurumi Ward Is together; child care, the unit breeding forum governing board "Warmth talk"
H24.11.8 Minami Ward The Cock Fair  
H24. 10.26 Sakae Ward Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. Yokohama mill We join Minister of Economy Trade and Industry inspection
H24. 10.18 Kanazawa Ward DANCER PARTY PROJECT "Warmth talk"
H24. 10.16 Tokaido scenery way "Tea meeting"
H24.9.20 Nishi Ward Transportation Bureau Sengencho Office  
H24.9.20 Izumi Ward Fukaya communication place  
H24.9.20 Izumi Ward The making of elderly person place to stay "Warmth talk"
H24.9.18 Northern child reading coordinator "Tea meeting"
H24.9.13 Isogo Ward Okonomiyaki Columbus We join Senior Vice Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare inspection
H24.8.30 Totsuka Ward Around Urban Development Bureau Totsuka Station development office  
H24.8.30 Totsuka Ward Totsuka Ward government office  
H24.8.28 Hodogaya Ward Meeting of NPO corporation Hodogaya international exchange "Warmth talk"
H24.8.23 Green leaves inhabitant of a ward meeting "Tea meeting"
H24.8.23 Isogo Ward Isogo Ward government office  
H24.8.23 Minami Ward Minami Ward government office  
H24.8.21 Naka Ward Kannai future center  
H24.7.24 Isogo Ward 250 farm others  
H24.7.23 Yokohama City University teacher alumnus group "Tea meeting"
H24.7.13 Nishi Ward Pacifico-yokohama  
H24.7.12 Konan Ward Picture book "fair of hydrangea" to read with finger "Warmth talk"
H24.7.10 Nishi Ward Original railroad model Museum  
H24.7.5 Citizen's group which was interested in sightseeing measure of Yokohama-shi "Tea meeting"
H24.6.16 Hodogaya Ward Hodogaya Ward young people local action base, width is due west part area use plaza  
H24.6.16 Nishi Ward yokohama youth support station  
H24.6.7 Kohoku Ward Cloth toy volunteer is brisk "Warmth talk"
H24.6.5 Kanagawa Ward Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center  
H24.5.30 Totsuka Ward Willow tit west district traffic measures committee "Warmth talk"
H24.5.23 Discussion meeting with the Board of Education, the staff of a school  
H24.5.22 Future newspaper "Tea meeting"
H24.5.11 Discussion meeting with Director General  
H24.5.7 Kanagawa Ward Kougaya kindergarten  
H24.4.24 Shogi comfort society "Tea meeting"
H24.4.19 Sakae Ward NPO corporation building block "Warmth talk"
H24.4.5 General Affairs Bureau, Culture and Tourism Bureau  
Visit day Ward Visit place / group Remarks (contents on the day)
H24.3.22 Naka Ward Naka Ward Office  
H24.3.14 Hodogaya Ward Hodogaya library  
Kohoku Ward Kohoku Ward government office  
H24.3.13 Independent exhibition exhibition executive committee "Tea meeting"
H24.3.2 Seya Ward Seya Ward government office  
H24.3.2 Isogo Ward Isogo Ward child care support base "Warmth talk"
H24.2.20 NPO corporation PWL "Tea meeting"
H24.2.20 Nishi Ward Nishi Ward Office  
H24.2.17 Tsurumi Ward, Kanagawa Ward Tsurumi Ward government office, Kanagawa Ward government office  
H24.2.17 Minami Ward Citizen's group "child and book" "Warmth talk"
H24.1.30 School library volunteer in municipal Maruyamadai "Tea meeting"
H24.1.27 Midori Ward Nakayama-machi elderly person dinner party "Warmth talk"
H23. 12.28 Nishi Ward, Asahi Ward, Kohoku Ward Nishi fire department, Asahi fire department, Kohoku fire deparment  
H23. 12.21 Kanagawa Ward Municipal hospital  
H23. 12.19 Multicultural town development studio "Tea meeting"
H23. 12.15 Aoba Ward Team with "Warmth talk"
H23.12.2 Tsuzuki Ward   Capital field Elementary School  
H23. 11.28 West house "Tea meeting"
H23. 11.26 Minami Ward The Cock Fair  
H23. 11.25 Tsurumi Ward Town development promotion meeting of the Tsurumi Terao district welfare "Warmth talk"
H23. 11.15 Naka Ward F-SUS Yokohama  
H23. 10.27 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo chiyoda platform square  
H23. 10.23 Aoba Ward Art forum Azamino  
Naka Ward Motomachi Shopping Street  
H23. 10.18 Naka Ward Association of NPO corporation Yokohama city guide "Warmth talk"
H23. 10.14 Aoba Ward Center for Early Childhood Education and Care Sanyo kindergarten, nursery school  
H23.10.7 Meeting which thinks about school library "Tea meeting"
H23.10.4 Yokohama center of gravity group Network - pazapa net ... "Tea meeting"
H23.9.29 Seya Ward NPO corporation workers are boiled; is heated "Warmth talk"
H23.9.22 Tsuzuki Ward   Stop illegal dumping; unit "Warmth talk"
H23.9.21 Fire Bureau  
H23.9.20 Naka Ward Minamihonmoku refuse landfill  
H23.9.13 Naka Ward Sightseeing in Yokohama convention bureau  
H23.9.2 Naka Ward Koganecho bazaar  
H23.9.1 Health and Social Welfare Bureau, Finance Bureau  
H23.8.27 Naka Ward Sino-Japanese cup of instant noodle museum  
H23.8.25 Asahi Ward Asahi Ward youth volunteer "Warmth talk"
H23.8.1 Cancer scan "Tea meeting"
H23.7.21 Midori Ward, Asahi Ward Midori Ward government office, Asahi Ward government office  
H23.7.19 Kanagawa Ward Student member of Kanagawa Univ., use support project (JYSP) "Warmth talk"
H23.7.15 Izumi Ward Tree school where there is no  
H23.7.14 Follow; library fan club "Tea meeting"
H23.6.30 Kanazawa Ward My town Kanazawahakkei "sawasawa" "Warmth talk"
H23.6.29 Kanazawa Ward Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kanazawa factory  
H23.6.23 Cheering party of working mom "Tea meeting"
H23.5.27 Izumi Ward Area child care support base "do" "Warmth talk"
H23.5.26 Meeting which is saved from stroke "Tea meeting"
H23.5.19 Hodogaya Ward, Naka Ward Hodogaya Ward government office, Naka Ward Office  
Child and Youth Bureau  
H23.4.26 Yokohama society system society "Tea meeting"
H23.4.12 Nishi Ward Higashikubo-cho dream town development meeting "Warmth talk"
H23.4.5 Kanazawa Ward Yokohama City University  
Visit day Ward Visit place / group Remarks (contents on the day)
H23.3.28 Naka Ward Yokohama Gen torr town club "Warmth talk"
H23.3.24 Rhythm exercises Shodo classroom "Tea meeting"
H22.3.14 General Affairs Bureau Finance Department  
H22.3.7 Office of Accounting  
H23.3.4 Totsuka Ward Dream apartment house area management meeting "Warmth talk"
H23.3.2 Seya Ward Minamiseya community-based welfare health planning promotion meeting "Warmth talk"
H23.2.24 Aoba Ward yokohama, dream, Farmer "Warmth talk"
H22.2.19 Kohoku Ward Okurayama early ume blossom society Of the mayor "visit you"
Kohoku Ward Okura moral culture research institute  
H23.2.4 Meeting which makes way of beginning of Yokohama thing "Tea meeting"
H23.1.21 Midori Ward Member of hello baby visit "Warmth talk"
H23.1.14 House private supplementary school for NPO consumers "Tea meeting"
H23.1.10 Kohoku Ward Event member of the executive committee commemorative in "Coming-of-Age Day"  
H22. 12.22 Policy Bureau  
H22. 12.20 isogo library supporter zouk love "Tea meeting"
H22. 12.15 Nishi Ward As for this, there is habit; sha "Warmth talk"
H22. 11.30 Asahi Ward Cannot make the NPO corporation child breeding; ASAHI "Warmth talk"
Asahi Ward Futamatagawa Station south exit station square base maintenance district  
H22. 11.28 Minami Ward Voice of youth Of the mayor "visit you"
H22. 11.19 Yamanashi Forest at the head of a river management place, way will young people field service center  
H22. 11.16 Meeting of signature to protect green tract of land from Kamigo development "Tea meeting"
H22. 11.14 APEC, the creation city business headquarters  
H22. 10.19 Sakae Ward NPO corporation each other isamanetto Kudencho housing complex "Warmth talk"
H22. 10.17 Konan Ward Konan sunflower orchestra "Warmth talk"
H22. 10.15 Totsuka Ward Yokohama-shi Naze home  
Aoba Ward Green leaves maison  
H22. 10.12 Volunteer of visit care communication meeting-adaptive in the Yokohama-shi night "Tea meeting"
H22.10.8 Transportation Bureau, Water Works Bureau  
H22.10.4 Naka Ward Association of Kotobukicho worker welfare clinics , Kotobukicho plaza "Facility visit"
Minami Ward Love and faith private supplementary school  
H22.9.27 Kanagawa Ward Let spare Kanagawa Ward charm; unit "Warmth talk"
H22.9.22 Kanazawa Ward Environmental reader of Kanazawa Ward park protection society green "Warmth talk"
Kanazawa Ward Kanazawa engineering works office  
H22.9.17 Kanazawa Ward Forest of Yokohama nature observation  
H22.9.14 Minai male "Rice with hashed beef lunch meeting"
Minami Ward Minami Ward government office  
Konan Ward Konan Ward government office  
H22.9.10 Hodogaya Ward Kobe nursery school nursery school support corps "Warmth talk"
H22.8.28 Totsuka Ward Association of Yokohama-shi gender equality promotion  
H22.8.26 Tsurumi Ward Yokohama bioindustry center "Facility visit"
yokohama ChildLine  
H22.8.24 Audit and Inspection Commission Secretariat, Election Administration Commission Secretariat  
H22.8.20 Road and Highway Bureau  
H22.8.19 Isogo Ward kosumosu shop "Warmth talk"
H22.8.17 NPO corporation Yokohama Steiner school "Rice with hashed beef lunch meeting"
H22.7.23 Tsuzuki Ward   Tsuzuki woman forum "Warmth talk"
H22.7.15 Sakae Ward, Izumi Ward Sakae Ward government office, Izumi Ward government office  
H22.7.14 Aoba Ward, Tsuzuki Ward   Aoba Ward government office, Tsuzuki Ward   government office  
H22.7.13 Tsurumi Ward Komaoka district alliance society Omagari open space executive committee "Warmth talk"
H22.7.13 - Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward meeting "Rice with hashed beef lunch meeting"
H22.7.8 Kanazawa Ward, Isogo Ward Kanazawa Ward government office, Isogo Ward government office  
H22.6.21 Seya Ward, Totsuka Ward Seya Ward government office, Totsuka Ward government office  
H22.6.17 Naka Ward YOKOHAMA GOODS 001 "Warmth talk"
H22.6.14 - Meeting which gets close to no Tando for Ichizawa, France "Rice with hashed beef lunch meeting"
H22.6.5 Kanagawa Ward The Yokohama cyclic north line Koyasudai district construction spot  
H22.5.28 - Tando fan club of Onda "Rice with hashed beef lunch meeting"
H22.5.14 Izumi Ward "Flower guard" "IZUMI WOODY" "Warmth talk"
Fire Bureau, the cowound promotion business headquarters  
H22.5.7 City Council Bureau  
H22.5.6 Kanazawa Ward Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Kanazawa factory "Facility visit"
H22.4.27 Naka Ward The first yellow, Hinodecho environment purification promotion meeting "Warmth talk"
Civic Affairs Bureau  
H22.4.22 Naka Ward United States Department of State 英語 training institute "Facility visit"
Naka Ward Association of United States Canada University Japanology center "Facility visit"
H22.4.14 Asahi Ward Shirane school elementary school student dormitory "Facility visit"
Hodogaya Ward Koyou school
H22.4.13 - Meeting which protects child of congenital metabolism abnormality symptom "Rice with hashed beef lunch meeting"
H22.4.9 Board of Education Secretariat  
Minami Ward Of lira say  
Minami Ward 1, Mutsukawa community house  

Visit day Ward Visit place / group Remarks (contents on the day)
H22.3.26 - Urban Development Bureau  
H22.3.19 - Environmental Planning Bureau, the global warming measure business headquarters  
H22.3.17 Tsuzuki Ward   Tsuzuki Ward   government office  
H22.3.12 Aoba Ward Pippi nursery school  
H22.3.8 - Nano 2 "Rice with hashed beef lunch meeting"
H22.3.8 - Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau  
H22.3.4 - The economic sightseeing station  
H22.2.22 - Yokohama-style "Rice with hashed beef lunch meeting"
H22.2.19 Personnel Commission Secretartiat  
H22.2.12 Child and Youth Bureau  
H22.2.9 Kanagawa Ward The Central Wholesale Market home  
Kanazawa Ward Nambushijo  
H22.2.5 Health and Social Welfare Bureau  
H22.2.1 Health and Social Welfare Bureau  
H22.1.25 Nishi Ward Kanagawa skating rink  
H22.1.22 Nishi Ward Minato Mirai hall  
H22.1.20 - Port and Harbor Bureau  
H22.1.19 - "What was it? Meeting of foundation of a country Expo Y150 citizen "Rice with hashed beef lunch meeting"
H22.1.17 Nishi Ward Yokohama-bijutsukan  
H22.1.14 Nishi Ward Yokohama Noh-theater  
Naka Ward Naka Ward Office  
- The town development Coordination Bureau  
H22.1.12 - yokohama guddobaransu prize authorization commendation group "Warmth talk"
H22.1.11 Naka Ward Yokohama Nigiwai-za  
H22.1.6 The administrative administration Coordination Bureau  
H21. 12.21 The creation city business headquarters of the 150th anniversary of the opening of a port  
H21. 12.17 Tsurumi Ward Shiota Junior High School  
Tsurumi Ward Toyooka Elementary School  
H21. 12.15 Kanagawa Ward It is kids club after school big mouth stand elementary school  
Konan Ward Konandai hino special support school  
H21.12.9 - RCE Yokohama "Warmth talk"
H21. 12.14 Hodogaya Hodogaya Ward government office  
H21.12.8 Konan Ward Yokohama nersery room Nico Nico nursery school  
Kohoku Ward Local child care support base "doroppu"  
Konan Ward Center for Early Childhood Education and Care muronokizzu  
H21.12.4 Hodogaya Ward The safe Administration Bureau  
H21.12.1 Sakae Ward Seriously ill people experiencing disability facility "ho"  
H21. 11.25 Isogo Ward Institute for health  
Minami Ward *jiiki care plaza  
H21. 11.14 Tsuzuki Ward   Tsuzuki child Festa Of the mayor "visit you"
Asahi Ward Shirane nursery school  
Tsuzuki Ward   Chigasakiminami nursery school  
H21. 11.13 Asahi Ward Yokohama nursing medical center  
Totsuka Ward Totsuka area nursing center  
H21.11.7 Naka Ward BankART Studio NYK  
H21. 10.28 Naka Ward Steep slope studio  
Naka Ward Yokohama hostel village  
Naka Ward ZAIM  
H21. 10.22 Sakae Ward Shonan Katsura stand Neighborhood Association "Warmth talk"
H21. 10.21 Naka Ward Minamihonmoku Wharf  
Naka Ward Yamashita Wharf  
H21. 10.20 Tsurumi Ward Eastern hospital  
Aoba Ward Special elderly nursing home "green volost"  
H21. 10.17 Tsurumi Ward Science frontier high school  
H21. 10.15 Hodogaya Ward Kobe nursery school  
H21. 10.14 Tsuzuki Ward   Northern children's guidance office  
H21. 10.13 Naka Ward Naka Ward health check-up, Vaccinations center  
Naka Ward naka international exchange lounge  
H21. 10.9-30 All 18 ward offices  
H21.9.26 Isogo Ward Isogo festival Of the mayor "visit you"


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