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Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi
― For administration of sympathy and trust

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Mayor press conference (August 3, 2017)

 About mayor appointment

 Thank you for gathering today, everyone.

 Citizen's all of you give support to and will take heavy responsibility of the Mayor of Yokohama sequentially. We base on relationship of mutual trust with citizens who built for eight years and will wrestle with every effort in future until now for Yokohama.

 In election, we told all of you about improvement of investment in person who supported the future including support to "child care" "woman" "elderly person". Furthermore, as five pillars, we showed "10 promises" and did "activation of Yokohama economy" to bring about realization of security, reliable living by reinforcement of "anti-disaster measures" and the vitality to lay the foundation. When measure that we advocated leads to one all and lets one one measure grow steadily, and what we tie to result is connected for growth and development of Yokohama, we are convinced.

 Through election, we heard story from many citizen's all of you directly and, with evaluation for municipal administration, had you send various uneasiness and opinion. It is sincere and snuggles up to such a voice and will push forward measure carefully from now on.

 And, for move to the new city hall of 2020, we push forward "way of working reform" and will realize Yokohama City Hall which can meet trust of citizen's all of you surely.

 The situation to surround Yokohama adds to strictness year by year. The arrival of population decline approaches two years later, and problems pile up. However, "chance of leap for the future is near at hand, too". In 2019, rugby World Cup climax, Yokohama of "Tokyo International Conference on African Development" becoming the third time are held. In the next year, the new city hall operates and, by the Olympics Paralympics, has visitor from the world. We push forward preparations well and intend to be able to connect to growth for the future of Yokohama surely.

 We concentrate all power of Yokohama and will realize happiness of citizen's all of you through problem from now on in "all Yokohama". We would like.

Top page > The mayor > Regular news conference > 2017 > Mayor press conference

We update on making - August 14, 2017 on Yokohama-shi Policy Bureau news charge - August 14, 2017
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