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Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi
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 2017/9/26 from Tuesday to Saturday, September 30
  ・We visit Vietnam Hue province, Da Nang Citynew

We participated in "APEC woman and economic forum" held in Vietnam Hue by invitation from the Vietnamese government and performed Keynote Speech in high level policy talks of September 29. In addition, we attended at "APEC best Award" of September 27 when the government hosted by invitation of Kremlin, and opening gave a speech with start type. We visited Hue province and Da Nang City in total and met commissariat chairperson each and talked together toward technical cooperation for solution of city problem and further cooperation reinforcement.
 ※Press release document introduces detailed state at the time of visit to Vietnam.

We visit Vietnam Hue province, Da Nang City
We visit Vietnam Hue province, Da Nang City

Rugby World Cup 2019™ meeting two years ago event in YOKOHAMA "held city special supporter commission type" 2017/9/18 (Mon)
・Rugby World Cup 2019™ meeting two years ago event in YOKOHAMA "held city special supporter commission type"

We held event in ground of the final and Yokohama where it was meeting two years ago to approach another two years until the Rugby World Cup 2019™ start, and to contribute to recognition improvement of meeting and further upsurge and performed commission of "holding city special supporter" in event. Yokohama is said to be the Japanese rugby birthplace and is city with rugby and relationship. It wants to enliven Rugby World Cup with all of you, citizen's supporters more and more.

General policy speech 2017/9/8 (Fri)
・General policy speech

City Counsil ordinary assembly opened in the third in 2017 and, as the 32nd Yokohama mayor, gave a general policy speech. We stood in assembly hall and thought deeply about heavy responsibility that we took municipal administration on again. We ascertain necessary measure for the future and carry out in all Yokohama and will connect this Yokohama with the next generation surely.

Municipal hospital new hospital construction groundbreaking ceremony 2017/9/7 (Thu)
・Municipal hospital new hospital construction groundbreaking ceremony

We held construction groundbreaking ceremony for municipal hospital redevelopment. We maintain municipal hospital which opened a Diet session in October, 1960 in correspondence with change of the times again to hospital which can play a role as leading hospital of city for the future. Aiming at opening of the spring of 2020, we will build new municipal hospital which can meet expectation of citizen's all of you.

 2017/9/3 (Sun)
  ・General disaster drill

We had approximately 1,900 citizen's all of you, 70 disaster prevention related organizations participate and performed general disaster drill in Hinochuuo Park of Konan Ward. When large-scale disaster, menace occurred, correspondence in all Yokohama is necessary. We agreed while confirming each role and, by this training, cooperated and were able to train. We repeat the preparation of one one together and may connect to anti-disaster measures reinforcement of Motoichi in future.

General disaster drill
General disaster drill

"Disaster Preparedness Day, disaster prevention week" anti-disaster measures general manager admonition 2017/9/1 (Fri)
・"Disaster Preparedness Day, disaster prevention week" anti-disaster measures general manager admonition

We instructed for staff people as anti-disaster measures general manager on performing disaster headquarters administration training at the city hall on "Disaster Preparedness Day". We confirm cooperation with citizens and related organizations including private enterprise let alone cooperation in agency at the time of disaster through each ward, training in station, evacuation shelter to perform for "disaster prevention week" in Motoichi. Join training together for more reinforcement of anti-disaster measures to look after living of citizen's all of you and will push forward the further preparation in future.

The "Yokohama-shi sports honor prize" presentation ceremony 2017/8/31 (Thu)
・The "Yokohama-shi sports honor prize" presentation ceremony

We participated in the 23rd summer DEAFLYMPICS tournament held in Republic of Turkey Samsung and presented "Yokohama-shi sports honor Prize" for player related to Yokohama who won a prize by the third place. Prize winner was Hiroshi Saegusa Motoi (gold medal), Kanako Takizawa (bronze medal), three players of Kumi Hayase (bronze medal) and we represented Motoichi and celebrated all of you who gave citizen dream and hope by wonderful achievement.

East Asia culture city summit 2017/8/26 (Sat)
・East Asia culture city summit

We participated in successive East Asia culture cities, "East Asia culture city summits" that 19 cities in total gathered in cathedral including ASEAN culture city held in Kyoto. Yokohama-shi acted as the first East Asia culture city with Quanzhou City of China, Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea in 2014. We gave a presentation on culture art city measure that we worked on as holding city toward participant from inside and outside the country.

Mayor of Fumiko Hayashi Yokohama attendance at office ceremony 2017/8/3 (Thu)
・Mayor of Fumiko Hayashi Yokohama attendance at office ceremony

To a large number of citizen's all of you and staff who had you gather, we conveyed determination some other time on reelecting the third as the Mayor of Yokohama saying "we try hard for happiness of citizens, future sustained growth.".

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