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Information for hamasapobenchi offer (Yokohama supporters donation)

◆About hamasapobenchi

We push forward, "health rises and makes" that we maintain sign, milepost, bench, pavement, environment to walk including planting to have you work on health promotion while enjoying that we walk in Yokohama-shi. We install in favorite place on route maintaining plate bench belonging to which we wrote favorite message from all of you by contribution of 150,000 yen or 200,000 yen in "health rises and makes". Do you not leave your omoi ioyokohamanomichini?

We decided design of bench in January, 2018.
Bench which there is back inBackless bench
                 Bench which there is back in                                  Backless bench

 Message plate (we install in both sides of bench)

Offer brochure is this

◆2018 offer summary

 ●Route and the number of the setting to install

    If health was route (ken rises route) which we rose and maintained by promotion business made, from 2018, we decided to install.
    If ken rises, and there is hope on route, please consult.
    ※About setting place, we install in road traffic at position without trouble.

  About bench of the following ward, it becomes point that does not have any problem in road traffic.

 (1) Kanagawa Ward "route which is full of water and green of peace" ten

 (2) Nishi Ward "three taking a lesson from the past roots to follow local resources" three

 (3) Minami Ward "river and route of cherry tree where anyone can enjoy walking casually" three

 (4) It is Times lip route from inheritance of Naka Ward Yokohama to the present age 

 (5) Root that Tsuzuki Ward   continues and walks five mountains and early deep water River

 ※Please see offer brochure about detailed setting place.

 ※When we reach offer radix, we may finish offer.

 ●Specifications and the price of bench having you contribute

 (1) A type (there is back) contribution sum 200,000 yen

 (2) B type (there is no back) contribution sum 150,000 yen

 ●Use and entry example of message plate

  For more details, please see offer essential point.

 Offer essential point

◆About procedure of Yokohama supporters donation (hometown tax)


<about contribution applications of 2018 Yokohama supporters donation (hometown tax) end of the year>

  Contribution for 2018 is for contribution of from January to December in 2018.
  By December 31, we handle thing which contribution application and receipt of money procedure of donation performed completion (they settle an account in the case of plastic credit and are completed) of as contribution for 2018.
  Contribution application for 2018 is until Thursday, December 20, 2018.
  When you are contributed at the end of the year, please be careful on application day, receipt of money days.

  ※About contribution for 2018, please pay after the contribution application within this year in designated financial institutions.
   (as the age last business day may vary according to financial institutions, please be careful.)
   In addition, about plastic credit, congestion of system is expected at the end of the year, and procedure until settlement completion may take time. Please complete the settlement in one of time early with margin.
  When completion day of receipt of money procedure (in the case of plastic credit settlement completion day) is over the date mentioned above, please be careful as you do the handling as contribution for 2019.

 ●Application for contribution

 By "electronic application" or "sending of contribution application," please apply for contribution.

 (1) By electronic application, please input required items.

 Electronic application form

 (2) You download contribution application and fill out, and please bring to mail or the following windows.

 ◎Downloading of contribution application

   Contribution application (Word/PDF)

 In addition, we distribute at window.

 The eighth floor of 2-6, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Sekiuchi, Yokohama building
 City of Yokohama, Road and Highway Bureau plan adjustment part Planning Division

 ●Payment of contribution

I would like procedure by payment method that had you choose in the case of application.

(1) In the case of payment with payment notice

We send payment notice as soon as we confirm application for contribution. I would like payment in appointed financial institution (bank, post office).

(2) In the case of payment by credit card

We send guidance about plastic credit as soon as we confirm application for contribution. Based on guidance, following; "Yahoo! I would like procedure in public money payment page.

Let's contribute to Yahoo! public money payment oldness!

[precaution of payment by credit card]
When contribution amounts of money exceed less than one 5,000 yen and 1 million yen, it is not available. More than less than 5,000 yen and 1 million yen when wish to contribute, I would like payment with payment notice.
Available credit card is VISA (visa), MasterCard (Master Card), JCB (Japan Credit Bureau), American Express (American Express), Diners Club (Diners Club), but please confirm in detail on homepage of Yahoo! public money payment.

 ●Subtraction of donation

About contribution to hamasapobenchi, we can receive donation subtraction by "hometown tax system" (Yokohama supporters donation).
"Yokohama supporters donation - hometown tax ~"
"Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications homepage" (the donation taxation system of personal residence tax including hometown tax) 


 ●Inquiry about tax credit system of donation

To Tax Division of municipality (in the case of Yokohama-shi each ward office) to live about subtraction of residence tax
To taxation office about subtraction of income tax nearby
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