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Recruitment of pedestrian bridge naming rights sponsors!

We are raising Midori Ward Nagatsuta Station north exit pedestrian bridges at any time! Please refer to following responsible.

↓Tsuruyacho, Kanagawa-ku pedestrian bridge finished offer. Thank you.↓
Photograph of "Tsuruyacho Crane pedestrian bridge"

 It becomes merit for Yokohama-shi, sponsor, each citizen and, in Yokohama-shi, pushes forward naming rights as approach leading to regional activation.
 We sell right that pedestrian bridge can name nickname and invite public participation for naming rights sponsor company which can approve of pedestrian bridge naming rights business of facility specific offer type for the purpose of assigning the income to maintenance management fee of pedestrian bridge.

Open call for participants essential point
Yokohama-shi pedestrian bridge naming rights open call for participants essential point
 ・Attached sheet 1 "Yokohama-shi pedestrian bridge naming rights application" Word version

About naming rights of Yokohama-shi
Guidelines about Yokohama-shi naming rights introduction (to Yokohama-shi Policy Bureau cowound promotion room page)

[counter in charge]
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