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Road contact month summary
Day emblem of way
 31 days are "road contact month" every year from August 1.
 We have people using road realize road and contact, role of road again some other time in this moon interval and, besides, are intended that we raise feeling to always use road safely beautifully.
 In addition, in commemoration of "the first road improved plan" that is long term project about our country's first modern road maintenance having been carried out on August 10, 1920, we establish August 10 on "day of way" from 1986.
 Road is the most basic public facilities which everyday life cannot lack in, but the importance is apt to be overlooked because we are a too immediate person.
 Therefore, taking the opportunity of "road contact month of August," we realize importance of road again, and let's try for the right use of road.
 As event associated with for road contact month, we hold "event of each ward engineering works office".

Role, the right use of way
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