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Hodogaya Ward barrier-free basic design title

 We push forward examination of basic design for barrier-free to push forward making that anyone including during elderly person, person with a disability, child care moves based on "the barrier-free method" smoothly targeting at districts around each station of Hoshikawa Station, Tennocho Station, Hodogaya Station of Hodogaya Ward in Yokohama-shi and uses station and facility.

 We devise around Hoshikawa Station district barrier-free basics design in 2010, and around Hoshikawa Station district worked on setting of block for visually impaired instruction in road, but performs review to plan development (spiral up) of in total graded and continuous plan in the current situation.
 Facility to do elderly person and person with a disability, child care such as emergency clinics , Iwama Community/Civic Plaza, western part use plaza happy square in around Tennocho Station district on hodogaya district center and Hodogaya Ward holiday, and to use accumulates. In addition, commercial facilities are located, too.
 There is the most number of the passengers getting on and off of station, and culture facilities such as ikottohausu are located at Hodogaya Station in ward.

Examination process

 We install "Yokohama-shi barrier-free examination meeting Hodogaya Ward sectional meeting" to be comprised of people of learning and experience, elderly person, local all of you including person with a disability, company, administration to be related to on pushing forward examination of barrier-free basic design and push forward examination.

Manager of section : Associate Professor at Yokohama National University Yasuhiro Fujioka

●The first ward meeting [September 14, 2017]

 We introduced "the barrier-free method" and "barrier-free basic design" and exchanged opinions about the current situation around each station, life related facility or life-related course.

●Information offer [from October 10, 2017 to November 30, 2017] about barrier-free

 We raised information about barrier-free of around Hoshikawa Station, Tennocho Station, Hodogaya Station district. Thank you for your cooperation.

●City walk check, workshop

 [around around Hoshikawa Station district, Tennocho Station district: on November 24, 2017]
 [around Hodogaya Station district: on November 28, 2017]
 We had you participate as well as committee of ward meeting and we actually checked the field and gathered problem.

●The second ward meeting [July 23, 2018]

 We arranged "information offer about barrier-free" and result of "city walk check, workshop" and examined countermeasure for problem of district.

 ■Hoshikawa Station outskirts district barrier-free basics design that we devised in 2010 is this


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