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Town development that anyone can live on security for comfortably anywhere
It is ... about ... barrier-free basics design

 We establish "the town development regulations of the Yokohama-shi welfare" that fundamental human rights are respected, and all people live in peace in Yokohama-shi, and to act for own intention freely, and to push forward town development of the welfare that can participate in activity of every field, and citizen's, each company, Yokohama-shi collaborate and, for promotion of town development of the welfare, push forward various approaches.
 In addition, based on "law about promotion of facilitation such as movement such as elderly person, person with a disability" [under an alias: the barrier-free method], we utilize basic design system, and barrier-free of town pushes forward making chiefly and integrally in district where facilities which citizens well use gathered.
 In 18 wards of cities, development of for each one district was completed so far.
 We are wrestling for development of barrier-free basics design every ward that examines plural stations at the same time and has been devised, and included review of district now because further barrier-free plans becoming.
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We devised Totsuka Ward barrier-free basics design!
We held the third Hodogaya Ward sectional meeting!

About basic design
 In the district where facilities which citizen's all of you use well gathered, it is design that it is barrier-free, and barrier-free of chief and integral town of district promotes making by business of accountability for station, road, park, building, signal.
 About basic design (the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

About the examination system of Yokohama-shi
 We set up Yokohama-shi barrier-free examination meetings in Yokohama-shi and examine basic design.

Basic design of Yokohama-shi

It has been devised

Under development

  ※You can see booklet of basic design at window of Road and Highway Bureau Planning Division.

About important point maintenance district of Yokohama-shi
 Person who wants to look at range of important point maintenance district look at this. We extract suitable parts of basic design.
Tsurumi Ward Kanagawa Ward Nishi Ward Naka Ward Minami Ward Konan Ward
Hodogaya Ward Asahi Ward Isogo Ward Kanazawa Ward Kohoku Ward Midori Ward
Aoba Ward Tsuzuki Ward   Totsuka Ward Sakae Ward Izumi Ward Seya Ward
   ※We perform review of basic design in Hodogaya Ward. (at December, 2018)
 As for the details of each business, please see basic design.
  ※In Yokohama-shi, movement in important point maintenance district does not have facilitation course agreement.

Suggestion systems such as basic design making
 We can suggest new making of basic design and change of existing basic design to Yokohama-shi by citizen's all of you using facilities in important point maintenance district making draft of basic design, and submitting to Yokohama-shi.

 Suggestion systems such as basic design making

Communication board for railroad station
 It is tool for one having difficulty in performing mutual understanding by conversations to take communication smoothly at station.
 We install communication board of universal design correspondence (4 language notation: 英語, English, Chinese, Korean) in manned wicket entrance of railroad 157 city station.
 In addition, there is disaster use for first aid for shop to communication board other than railroad station use.

 Communication board (Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

 Barrier-free universal design measure (the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
 Yokohama, town which boils over. net (Health and Social Welfare Bureau)
 Barrier-free business of road of Yokohama-shi (Road and Highway Bureau facility section)

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