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Road safety, bicycle policy section

Road safety, bicycle policy section road safety charge

We protect rule &

☆* araigumano "protect"  ☆"Rule" of * cat

・We gathered up "traffic accident statistics 2017 (2017) in Yokohama-shi" (2018.7.18)

 ・We devised Yokohama-shi road safety execution plan in 2018.

・Consideration of bicycle and car! We start "consideration SHARE THE ROAD motion" for all cities! (5/1 START! ) (2018.4.19)


Update history   It is conventional update history.

Topic of road safety, illegally parked bicycle section

Statistics of accidents in Yokohama-shi   It is traffic accident statistics in Yokohama-shi.
Road safety of child   It is introduction of collecting how to put of point and car seat when we tell child road safety.
School zone activity    It is introduction about school zone activity (attending school road road safety program).
Traffic rules of bicycle   We can download rulebook and leaflet, flyer to be able to learn about traffic rules of bicycle.

Work of road safety, illegally parked bicycle section

Business content of road safety, illegally parked bicycle section   It is introduction of main duties of Road and Highway Bureau road safety, bicycle policy section.
Infant road safety education visit instruction    It is introduction of infant road safety education visit instruction. 
Audiovisual materials    We rent audiovisual materials such as road safety video, DVD. 
    We introduce workshop that Road and Highway Bureau road safety, bicycle policy section performs.
  It is list of council.


The Bible of bicycle rule!

We finished rulebook yokohamaga for cycle of all!


We devised "the tenth Yokohama-shi road safety plan"!
For draft of plan, thank you for many opinions, suggestion. 


You look at the right, and look at the left
Pedestrian crossing



↓Rule and road safety classroom of protecting are this place↓

It is flash page for children. 

Collection of links
Association of Yokohama-shi road safety
Kanagawa security disaster prevention station living security traffic section
The Kanagawa Police

Revision of Road Traffic Act
The left arrow


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