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Waterside protection society


With 1 waterside protection society system

Many rivers flow, and, also, there are many imminent watersides including brook amenity and murmuring city park in the city. Beautiful river and waterside give moisture and ease in our heart.
Waterside protection society is group which performs waterside and contact, beautification activity that was comprised by area and various places of volunteer to be able to get close voluntarily comfortably by keeping environment of river and waterside facility well.
92 groups (as of the end of June, 2018) are moving into action now.

engei private supplementary school (Totsuka Ward)
engei private supplementary school (Totsuka Ward)
Fujimi waterside protection society (Izumi Ward)
Fujimi waterside protection society (Izumi Ward)

 To organize 2 waterside protection society

Led by all of you around river, waterside facility, you make more than 5 groups and submit report of waterside protection fair organization to Road and Highway Bureau river management section, and please take appointed procedure. At first please consult with engineering works office.
In addition, please submit results reports after activity in notification of change when contents have change after protection society organization. For more details, please see "6-related document".


Place of 3 activities

Please be active among river to manage of Yokohama-shi and river which Yokohama-shi maintained and waterside facilities such as brook amenity, murmuring city park.

 4 activity contents

We work on cleaning of river, waterside facility and weeding.
In addition, it utilizes waterside facility, and it is one of the activities to have you carry out voluntary activity and event.

 Support contents of 5 Yokohama-shi

 (1) Depending on scale and contents of activity, we support grants of subsidy. At stage when activity was over, please submit results reports.

 (2) Waterside protection society communication
   We issue "waterside protection fair communication" to introduce self-activity of waterside protection society, and to plan improvement of communalization and activity of information with waterside protection society.

 ・ The first (December, 2010), second issue (June, 2011), third issue (December, 2011)

 ・ The fourth (June, 2012), the fifth (December, 2012), the sixth (June, 2013)

 ・ The seventh (December, 2013), the eighth (June, 2014), the ninth (December, 2014)
 ・ The tenth (July, 2015), the eleventh (February, 2016), the twelfth (July, 2016)

 ・ Extra number (August, 2016), the thirteenth (December, 2016), the 14th (July, 2017)

 ・The 15th (September, 2017), the 16th (December, 2017), the 17th (July, 2018)


6-related document 

 (1) Various styles
       Report of waterside protection society organization  [PDF]Portable Document Format  [Word]Word form
       Protection society officer, list of members  [PDF]Portable Document Format  [Word]Word form
       Model terms  [PDF]Portable Document Format  [Word]Word form
  ※Please make terms in reference to model terms.
       Notification of change (after the organization)  [PDF]Portable Document Format  [Word]Word form
  ※When there is change after protection society organization, please use.
       Subsidy grant applications   [PDF]Portable Document Format  [Word]Word form
        ※It is application having you submit at the time of subsidy grant application.     
     Reports   [PDF]Portable Document Format  [Word]Word form
       It is report having you submit after activity.    
 (2) Yokohama-shi waterside protection society setting summary                         [PDF]Portable Document Format                   
 (3) Yokohama-shi waterside protection society activity subsidy grant summary  [PDF]Portable Document Format

 7 references


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