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 In management section (person in charge of Administration Section, private use), we perform the next business to have you use road smoothly again safely.
 Management section stood in higher quality local viewpoint based on cooperation with station ward beginning-related in engineering works office, is comfortable; rise, and aim at making.

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H30.12.3 Newcomer

We published "about restraint of roadwork in the year-end and New Year holidays".

H30.9.18 Newcomer

 We perform road private use bid in Naka Ward and Totsuka Ward.

H30.8.27  Newcomer

We appointed road cooperative body!

H30.8.20   Newcomer

We hold whole Hama road supporter exchange meeting.

H29.7.25 Newcomer

We added new item to "about road private use auction system".

H29.7.18 Newcomer

We published "about restraint of roadwork in the summer holiday making period and the Bon according to the old calendar period".

H29.4.11 Newcomer

We published "about restraint of roadwork in the spring holiday making period".

H29.3.31 Newcomer

We made public about "result to affect some revisions of Yokohama-shi permission for occupancy of roads standard". 


About management of title road

 In the road, the function is maintained by good management being carried out. We carry out good management to let you show function of road enough, and to be able to use to everybody usefully in peace.

About private use of title road

 We originally use road for general traffic including traffic of vehicle and walker.
 On the other hand, with various activities being developed as base on road, the need to use road has been given birth to other than the original purpose. Undergrounding of setting, water supply and gas pipe of telephone pole, projecting signboard are the masterpieces.
 In this way, we establish constant public establishment, article and facility on road other than the original purpose and call that it continues and uses road private use of road.
 Permission for occupancy of roads is necessary and collects private use charges from person who admitted private use to make private use of road.



About adjustment of title road, private use construction

 We dig adjustment and restraint of road, private use construction and regulate return to perform road, private use construction premeditatedly. In addition, about private use articles using place deeper than 3.5m, we plan use adjustment of road underground. 

About title and others

    • It is business the underground of electric wires
      The underground of electric wires carries out the collection of making of schedule to affect business and designation of road which you should maintain of electric wire utility tunnel, notification, issuance of private use authorization and private use charges.

Title news

  • Downloading of underpass daily life check sheet from this

   ・Excel version

   ・Word version

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