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It recruits real estate agency, building owner who can cooperate with new business!

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 Yokohama-shi utilizes vacancy, vacant store around Kannai, the Seki outside in 2018 and artist creator maintains facility which is available for creation, stay, announcement and is going to run.
 Therefore we introduce vacancy, vacant store conjugating in this business and can have intermediation, offer (lease),
It recruits real estate agency, building owner widely.
We would appreciate your cooperating by all means.

Implementation guideline (offer was finished.)

Implementation guideline (pdf)
Style 1 [prior explanation application] (docx)
Style 2 [cooperation company application application] (docx)
Reference materials [figure of business frame (enlarged picture)] (pdf)

Background of offer

 In Yokohama-shi, we utilize landmark architecture of downtown area marine area part, community space as part of approach of "culture art creation city, Yokohama" that made use of originality to have of culture and art and run creation neighborhood base (facility).
 It promotes further accumulation of artist creator and chooses administrative body of Kannai, new creation neighborhood base where we utilized vacancy, vacant store of area out of Seki by open call for participants for the purpose of the making of regional activation and bustle.
 There is conjugating vacancy, vacant store assuming applicant to administrative body recruiting by oneself, but recruits real estate agency, owner building who can cooperate with introductions such as vacancy, vacant store to applicant to raise possibility of this business still more. (offer was finished.)

 ◆Kannai, area out of Seki

Kannai, area out of Seki


 ● During business period, Yokohama-shi issues subsidy to administrative body, and, as expense required for business, wage charges are paid from administrative body to building owner.
 ● Because administrative body oneself assumes that we perform indoor renovation, as for the burden on building owner, there are none basically.

Application, reference

◆The details, please feel free to contact until charge!◆

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