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Creative city Yokohama

Brochure (A3 three fold)

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All citizens are artists

We aimed at realization of "creative city Yokohama" in Yokohama-shi and planned fixation of the downtown area as central existence of leading figure of creation in artist creators. We developed advanced approach as nucleus with originality that they had around the field of culture art and made cities full of originality only in Yokohama with utilization such as landmark architecture, warehouse, private enterprise building in total.
In addition, we found possibility that not only we discovered that daily city space had charm different at all because citizen came in contact with activity of artist creator, but also citizen oneself showed originality for various problems that city held and acted for solution.

Activities that are creative a lot so many at opportunity when all citizens become practitioner of creative expression activity overflow now in scene doing fault of everyday life without being confined to artist creator. It becomes more important to each which each citizen feels things actively to improve vitality of city in such a society, and it makes, and it sends to to raise individuality and creativity.

Therefore proposal book was submitted from creation city Yokohama promotion meeting (March, 2011 dissolution) to the Mayor of Yokohama in January, 2010 saying that you featured the theme of urban image, "all Yokohama citizens were "artist"" from 2010 that was seedtime of creative city Yokohama, and citizen's each one showed own originality and approached various problems that we concentrated them, and city held and should aim at improving charm of city.

In Yokohama-shi, we devise project to wrestle concretely as city in Middle plan for four years from 2010 on the basis of this proposal book.