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[Yokohama sound Festival] Original railroad model Museum cooperation plan, Minoru Mukaiya appearance "world - Yokohama edition ... of railroad and music" holding!


Yokohama sound Festival 2016 and original railroad model Museum cooperation plan!
Minoru Mukaiya appearance side Otho special talk show "world - Yokohama edition ... of railroad and music" holding!


 We hold musician, special talk show by Mr. Minoru Mukaiya of music producer in original railroad model Museum!
 Lecture about railroad and music that invite Mr. Minoru Mukaiya played an active part in many aspects including writing of book affecting production and railroad music of railroad simulator let alone activity as musician, and included contents only in Yokohama abundantly is unmissable!
 Please expect for Japanese first-rate railroad model Museum and collaboration of the first person of railroad music!Handbill image

Performance summary

[the date and time]
 Saturday, November 12, 2016 from 13:00 to 14:45

[meeting place]
 Original railroad model Museum multi-purpose roomMinoru Mukaiya image

 Minoru Mukaiya (we stop going and appear)
  We make our debut as key body strike of "Cassiopeia" at 20 years old.
  In late years we introduce video transmission by niconico LiVE positively.
  Musical piece that broadcast from the production spot of music with a few being usually released attracted attention from various quarters, and was delivered
 We get iTunes and the J-POP section continuation first place.
  It is enthusiastic railroad fan, and model which Shintaro Hara of the original railroad model Museum founder produced is with the cause
 We compose ta, music of JAKYUSHU SWEET TRAIN "a certain train" in the car, and edge is deep with museum.

[capacity, rate]
 60 first arrival (prior application system, view for free)
  ※Visit by standing to watch is possible, too, but limit is in space on the day.
  ※Admission charges of original railroad model Museum are necessary. (adult 1,000 yen, middle and high school student 700 yen, dwarf (4 years old or older) 500 yen)

[application method]
 You have exclusive application paper fax required items after entry, or apply over telephone.
 After reception desk, I will inform toward the viewer of 60 first arrival from original Railway Museum approximately one week before talk show holding.

 Application paper (PDF)
  Telephone: 045-640-6699 (reception hours: for from 10:00 to 17:00)
  FAX: 045-640-6695

 Sponsorship: Original railroad model Museum
 The cosponsorship: Yokohama arts Festival executive committee

Specifically, please see original railroad model Museum formula Web site.

The Yokohama arts Festival executive committee secretariat
Mail: info@yokooto.jp
URL: http://yokooto.jp/
TEL: 045-663-1365 FAX: 045-663-5606