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[Yokohama sound Festival] Under festival "wide Otho live concert 2016" of music of all genres that citizen makes ticket release!


Under Yokohama sound Festival 2016 citizen participation program "wide Otho live concert 2016" ticketing!


 "Wide Otho live concert 2016" is civic participation type music program of oar genre.
 Group moving into action around Yokohama shows everyday result by superlative performance of 1,000 scales.
 In various music genres and generations such as band, musical instrument performance, chorus, gospel, a cappella, we want to send music to person of “ a lot of more than sex! Group of "such hot feeling appears.
 Guest is koala mode. (24th), SUITE VOICE (25th) come up.
 We carry out special lottery where headphones are.
 Come by all means.

 Wide Otho live 2016 performance flyer (Portable Document Format: 1,154KB)
  ※We arrange in ward office, city culture facility.

YOKOWO tribe 2016 image

Performance summary

[the date and time]
 The curtain rises at 16:00 on both (Sun) days on Saturday, September 24, 2016, 25th (the 15:30 opening)

 Kannnai Hall coliseum

 Band (24th, ten sets), (25th, 11 sets) music groups such as choruses which move into action in the city by open call for participants
 MC: Daisuke Ide (radio DJ)
 24th guest: Koala mode.
 25th guest: SUITE VOICE

 As for detailed performer, guest information, please see this.
  http://www.hustle.jp/yokootolive/ (special site)

 General seating every day 500 yen (free of charge lower than junior high student)

 Under release
 ◇Kannnai Hall ticket counter
  Telephone: 045-662-8411 (normal opening day from 10:00 to 18:00)
  Window: Kannnai Hall the first floor office (from 9:00 to 20:00)

 Yokohama port market
  Window: Yokohama World Porters 2F deck street (from 10:00 to 21:00)

  ※We leave after window sale, the telephone reservation and sell collect on delivery shipment (delivery charges, fee distinction)
  ※In the case of performance cancellation, you remove cancellation after the ticket purchase, and please note that you cannot accept.
  ※There is sale of today's ticket, too, but, for congestion reducing, recommends the prior purchase.

 Sponsorship: Yokohama arts Festival executive committee
 The cosponsorship: Kannnai Hall

 ※Performer, program, music order may be changed by convenience.

The Yokohama arts Festival executive committee secretariat
Mail: info@yokooto.jp
URL: http://yokooto.jp/
TEL: 045-663-1365 FAX: 045-663-5606